25 Best Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S

The winter season in the US may be particularly spectacular. There are without a doubt some fantastic locations in the US to celebrate Christmas.

Sometimes, though, all we want is to get away from the chilly weather for a breezy warm-weather winter vacation.

25 Best Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S

This winter, do you want to avoid the snow wonderland atmosphere in favor of some winter sun? Some of the top mild winter vacation spots in the USA have been compiled by us.

The US has some of the hottest locations with wonderful holiday events in December.

There are other warm locations to travel to in the winter to escape the worst of the cold or to celebrate New Year in a tropical location.

You may treat yourself to some sunny Caribbean island vacations without needing a passport because these warm weather getaways are either located within the U. S. or US Territories.

We have the warmest locations in the US to travel to throughout the winter, from island getaways to strange desert landscapes to resort areas that will lift your spirits.

So begin making plans for a delightful winter break to get away from the chilly weather and lift your spirits.

The Best Warm-Weather Getaways In The United States

Here we’ve listed 25 of the best warm winter getaway destinations in the U.S to travel to this year.

We’ve included some information about each destination, so you can choose the holiday of a lifetime!

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - San Juan, Puerto Rico

You don’t need a passport for this cozy winter getaway because Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island, has lovely warm weather all year.

Puerto Rico experiences winter temperatures in the high 70s°F, even during those coldest months.

From San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, you may embark on an unforgettable winter Caribbean holiday filled with breathtaking scenery, palm-fringed beaches, intriguing history, and a lively downtown scene in Old San Juan

2. US Virgin Islands

Wishing to go without a passport to the Caribbean to escape the winter? Book an amazing journey to these beautiful islands for an affordable price.

Enjoy a winter holiday steeped in sunshine, swim and relax on gorgeous beaches, and take in some of the most important annual events in the USVI.

Visitors who want to escape the cold can experience the ideal weather by traveling to the USVI in the winter.

The USVI is expected to see dry, sunny winter weather with expected highs of 83°F and lows of 75°F.

St. Thomas, the most developed of the three islands, is a fantastic place to start if you want to enjoy duty-free shopping, historically significant attractions, and a variety of water activities and beach activities.

Explore Magen’s Bay to see some turtles, or go back into the past to hear about the pirate history of the Caribbean.

3. Miami

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Miami

Miami is among the most well-liked mild winter holiday destinations in the US when the temperature falls and the snow begins to arrive.

With temperatures ranging in the high 70s and 80s from November through January, it’s excellent for strolls along the beach and sightseeing without becoming drenched in perspiration.

In Miami, December is also regarded as an off-peak season, which results in reduced hotel and flight prices.

The gorgeous sun-drenched shores of Miami are enjoyed by tourists from the northern and harsher climates, despite the fact that Miami residents may believe it’s too cold to go to the beach.

There are numerous activities in Miami if you don’t want to spend your time at the beach.

You can easily access some of the most enticing nature reserves on the East Coast and the top parks in Florida, like the Dry Tortugas for getting away from it all, and The Everglades for trekking and wildlife adventure.

4. Key West

There are many nice spots to explore in Florida in the winter, but none are as vibrant as Key West.

Key West experiences pleasant winters with substantially less rain than it does in the summer.

Only 3–4 days of rainfall on average every month throughout the winter, with temperatures hovering around 76°F. Fewer mosquitoes result from less rain.

There is always something going on in Key West during the winter, particularly during Christmas and New Year’s.

The Boat Parade is an event you must not miss if you’re in Key West in December.

5. Anna Maria Island

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Anna Maria

The US Gulf Coast coastlines, abundant seafood, and highs in January and February that typically reach the mid 70s°F make Anna Maria Island among the most sought-after Florida vacation spots in the winter.

Favorite activities on Anna Maria Island (see also: 19 Most Delicious Restaurants On Anna Maria Island)involve watching breathtaking sunsets with friends (both new and old), going for regular beach walks on the purest sugar sand on the US Gulf Coast, and participating in adventure sports throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the bays surrounding the seven-mile-long island.

6. St. Augustine

The oldest city in the US is St. Augustine, which is located on Florida’s “Historic Coast” is a fantastic winter vacation option.

The village is still surrounded by the historic Spanish buildings and cobblestone streets from 1565.

Due to its location in Florida, this location experiences consistent mild weather all year long, with peaks in the upper 60s and lows around 50.

St. Augustine canal views with palm trees, verdant grass, and a historic Spanish fort.

Although the entire downtown area is ideal for walking, the best and most effective way to see the city is with an organized hop-on hop-off trolley tour.

The most affordable option to see everything that the old city has to offer is with a St. Augustines Tour Pass, that features over 27 attractions and can save you up to 40%.

7. Orlando

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Orlando

Orlando, Florida, where the daily average winter temperature is frequently 70°F or higher, is a great family escape from the chilly winter throughout the United States.

Orlando is immensely well-liked, and for good reason. After all, Walt Disney World is located there.

As if that weren’t enough, Universal Studios, an amusement park and resort area specializing in action films and television, is also located in Orlando.

You may transport yourself to Harry Potter World at Universal. Wearing wizard’s robes, go down Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, and drink the renowned frozen Butterbeer.

8. Naples

Grab some sunscreen and come to southwest Florida for the sunshine and fun if you’re pining for warmer weather this winter.

Naples, which has lovely soft sand beaches, mild waters, and lots of sunshine, is situated on the southern coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Naples experiences moderate winter temperatures, which are often in the high 70s to 80s F.

In addition, the dry season’s low humidity allows tourists in the winter to take advantage of pleasantly warm days and exquisite evenings.

In Naples, Florida, there is a lot to see and do, including fantastic shopping, beaches, and water sports like stand-up paddleboarding, boat rides, kayaking, waterskiing, and diving.

Naples boasts fantastic eateries near the city center if you prefer dining out.

9. South Padre Island

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - South Padre Island

A wonderful mild winter vacation spot with year-round sunshine is this fantastic location in Texas.

This barrier island inside the Gulf of Mexico, one of Texas’ most beautiful islands, is well-known for its excellent weather, immaculate beaches, tranquil waters, and affordable lodging.

South Padre Island experiences daily highs of about 71°F and lows of 55°F.

After arriving on the island, you may travel to some of the island’s main attractions via the complimentary Island Metro shuttle.

Beyond the heat and beaches, there is much to keep you occupied.

10. Austin

Austin(see also: 15 Absolutely Incredible Beaches In Austin & The Surrounding Areas) is a great city retreat if you’re looking to escape the winter chill because of its pleasant weather and variety of terrific things to do.

Austin experiences low 60s°F winter highs on average. To keep warm when it’s windy, all you need is a lightweight sweater.

Visit Austin in December to take advantage of the city’s amazing Christmas festivities.

From the Zilker Park drive-through Austin Trail of Lights to the gorgeously decorated Capitol Building, there are many other holiday-themed attractions.

Outdoor enthusiasts can reap the benefits of the nice weather by hiking Mt. Bonnell, canoeing Lady Bird Lake, or taking a stroll and a picnic to see McKinney Falls’ splendor.

Additionally, the winter is the ideal time to enjoy a self-guided tour of Austin’s street art murals.

There are countless things to do and great weather in Austin if you want to enjoy your winter vacation there.

11. Big Bend National Park

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Big Bend National Park

This is an excellent wintertime outdoor vacation spot, with January being an especially good month to visit.

The park has an average temperature of about 60°F, which is perfect for trekking.

Big Bend, one of the more “off the beaten path” national parks in Texas, features some of the greatest trails in the state. Great winter weather makes it the perfect winter getaway spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Emory Peak, The Hot Springs Trail, and The Lost Mine Trail are just a few of the wonderful hiking paths in Big Bend that are suitable for all levels (see also: 10 Best Northern VA Hikes (Hikes In Northern Virginia For All Levels) )of experience.

In particular, the beautiful Hot Springs Trail is spectacular, especially in the early morning hours of winter. The Rio Grande is close by, so if the hot spring becomes too hot, you may cool yourself in the river.

12. New Orleans

If you’re eager to visit a city, New Orleans, or NOLA as the residents affectionately refer to it, is a terrific mild winter getaway. Winter in New Orleans is advantageous in certain ways.

The oppressive summer humidity and heat have subsided, and the afternoons have grown pleasant and warm, making them ideal for strolling around the extremely walkable city.

In New Orleans, winter temperatures typically range between 57 and 65 °F between December and March. In fact, wintertime highs of 73°F are not unheard of.

The Mardi Gras celebration in February kicks off New Orleans’ renowned festival season. If celebrations are your style, amusing fact: New Orleans allows you to host your own parade with police protection.

Beyond its festivals and thriving culture, New Orleans offers plenty of things to do for tourists.

Explore the French Quarter’s cobblestone streets, where you’ll find lovely stores and boutiques to peruse as well as an amazing selection of restaurants and pubs.

Indulge in a beignet, a hybrid of a doughnut and a French pastry. In the French Quarter, you can readily locate them.

13. Tucson

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Tucson

Tucson provides winter visitors with a pleasant balance of warm days and chilly nights.

Wintertime highs remain in the high 60s°F, while lows are in the upper 30s°F. With only three wet days on average per month in the winter, Tucson offers plenty of Arizona sunshine.

Sunset at Tucson’s historic San Xavier mission in the Arizona Desert. There is a beautiful shine on the mission front and deep blue skies.

The Festival of Lights, during which the homes in the Winterhaven area are elaborately decked with glittering holiday lights, is one of Tucson’s favorite winter customs.

In February, Tucson hosts its renowned Gem and Mineral Show.

14. Scottsdale

Scottsdale is one of the top warm locations to travel to in December in the states for both climate and events, with typical daytime temperatures remaining in the upper 60s°F to mid 70s°F with bright skies almost year-round.

Scottsdale hosts a lot of events during the winter. The Fairmont has a fire pit-encircled outdoor skating rink where you can toast marshmallows and sip steaming coffee.

Axe throwing, musical performances, and several photo possibilities are also available.

15. Phoenix

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Phoenix

Looking to get away from the chilly and rainy weather back home? The dry, bright desert climate of Phoenix, Arizona is the ideal winter getaway.

Although temperatures between December and February are typically about 70°F, the constant light and desert breeze make it feel considerably warmer.

It’s absolutely perfect convertible weather. Major sporting events as well as wine and art festivals take place during the winter.

16. Sedona

The beautiful weather and abundance of experiences in Sedona, Arizona, make it a fantastic winter getaway.

Sedona is renowned for its hiking paths that lead to amazing vistas exhibiting the region’s magnificence. It is home to prominent red rock formations in the stunning Arizona desert.

The Devil’s Bridge as well as Cathedral Rock are two of the most well-known, stunning geological formations that rank among the most well-known American monuments.

We offer a fantastic 3-Day Sedona itinerary that includes the top hikes and activities.

The mild winters in Sedona are ideal for outdoor pursuits like hiking, wandering around the town’s shops, cafes, and restaurants, taking a vortex yoga session, or even going on a wine tour.

In addition to the fact that the cheapest accommodation prices are in February, when the tourists have dispersed, its moderate winter environment makes trekking a perfect activity.

The wonderful Sedona Yoga Festival is held every winter. Between music events, discussions, and training sessions, hundreds are welcomed to move and meditate in the desert.

Make sure to go to Sedona in mid-March if you enjoy yoga!

Profit from openings on prominent local excursions that might be quickly filled during the peak season.

Don’t miss the stunning Sedona Canyon Sunset Tour and the amazing Nighttime UFO and Stargazing Tour, in particular.

17. Paso Robles

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Paso Robles

A world-famous wine district, Paso Robles is a relaxed seaside town in Central California.

During the winter, Paso Robles experiences beautiful weather with highs around 63°F throughout the day and slumps of 35°F at night.

There are other reasons to travel in the winter besides the sun.

Winter is when several wineries will all have their greatest holiday discounts on offer, with fewer people, joyful gatherings, wonderful food, and great deals.

The historic and charming center of Paso Robles exudes an artistic edge.

You may find various intriguing art galleries that feature the creations of numerous regional artists, such as Studios in the Park.

Amazing sculptures by well-known sculpture artists are on show at the Sculpterra Winery.

18. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a popular winter getaway for people seeking warmer climates.

Winters in Santa Barbara are pleasant and sunny, with peaks in the middle of the 60s and slumps in the middle of the 40s.

If you want warm weather as well as a festive atmosphere in December, Santa Barbara is among the best destinations to go to in California.

The city offers a wide range of holiday-themed events, including the Boat Parade and the Paseo Nuevo businesses’ and restaurants’ seasonal decorations.

Additionally, during the holiday season, you may see a performance of the famous Nutcracker Ballet at the Granada Theater.

You can observe the Monarch butterfly migration all through the winter. And if you enjoy watching movies, you should go to the Santa Barbara Film Festival in February.

While surfers enjoy the larger winter waves, outdoor enthusiasts will like a sunset kayaking excursion with the stunning winter sunsets.

The 2.5-mile Seven Falls climb is very beautiful in the winter, especially after rain, and the weather is ideal for it.

19. Palm Springs

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Palm Springs

Among the most well-liked warm winter getaways in the United States is Palm Springs.

With its abundance of world-class resorts, spas, golf courses, and outdoor recreation options, Palm Springs covers all of the bases.

Palm Springs enjoys lovely winter weather with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. Lows in the middle to high 40s°F are typical throughout the winter, with daytime highs in the low 70s°F.

Although you may need a jacket in the morning and evening, you can relax by the water during the day.

A tour of the well-known mid-century modern buildings throughout Palm Springs is among the top things to do there.

In the evenings, explore Palm Canyon Drive to shop the boutiques and enjoy a meal at one of the many top restaurants.

If you like the outdoors, you must go trekking throughout the desert oases surrounding Palm Springs.

Excellent choices include the Thousand Palms Oasis, Tahquitz Canyon, and Indian Canyons. Alternatively, you might take a longer hike to see Joshua Tree National Park’s famous vistas.

20. Borrego Springs

There are many reasons to visit Borrego Springs in the winter, which is located in Southern California.

The small desert hamlet is among the sunniest spots in the US, with 300 days on average of sunshine every year.

You won’t have to worry about the cold because the low 70s°F daytime highs and low 50s°F overnight lows in winter allow you to participate in many outdoor activities.

At dusk, the desert terrain of Borrego is covered in wave-like rock formations, which give the entire area a pink tinge.

There are many chances of seeing wildlife with less people in the spectacular desert settings throughout the winter. Snowbirds from all over the country move to the area throughout the winter.

While Borrego Springs offers a lot of activities, a car is advised in order to visit all the sights and make the most of some fantastic day tours from Borrego Springs.

Exploring the badlands, taking in a sunset at renowned Font’s Point, or hiking the Palm Canyon Trail and Little Blair Valley are just a few options for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

21. Catalina Island

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - Catalina Island

One of the best island getaways and mild winter vacations in the USA may be found off the coastline of beautiful Southern California, which has one of the most agreeable temperatures year-round on the planet.

While the remainder of the nation is coping with snow in the winter, Catalina Island typically experiences moderate highs of around 60°F, necessitating only a light jacket.

Because of the weather as well as the fact that it is shoulder season and off-peak, now is a great time to travel to Southern California because you will have the entire region to yourself.

The town of Avalon offers fantastic dining and drinking options in addition to outdoor pursuits like hiking with stunning views of the ocean.

The historical Catalina Island Casino, the island’s main attraction, is one of several historical sights and tours that you may take.

The numerous tour companies provide winter waterspouts that come with winter gear if you’re interested in diving or snorkeling in the cold.

22. South Bay

This LA region, which stretches for around 6 miles along the coast, is home to gorgeous beaches, tons of entertaining activities, and top-notch dining.

Throughout the winter, you may anticipate pleasant, sunny days with minimal to no rain.

In South Bay during the winter, there are a ton of amazing things to do.

From taking advantage of the fantastic beaches to dining at outstanding nearby establishments like Madres for its Mezcal and Oaxacan cuisine or the esteemed Strand House for gourmet dining.

Those who enjoy continuing their evening activities after dinner can do so at the Hermosa Beach Pier.

Each city’s downtown and piers are home to lovely boutique shops, or you may visit the Del Amo Mall, one of the largest malls in the nation, for a wide variety of high-end to independent retailers.

Additionally, the winter months are cold enough to enjoy wonderful hikes along the stunning Palos Verdes Peninsula. With breath-taking ocean vistas along a number of well-traveled pathways, the top.

23. San Diego

Warm Winter Getaways In The U.S - San Diego

California’s sunny San Diego With a 67°F wintertime average, you won’t have to worry about being too cold to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.

San Diego is fantastic because it has lovely weather throughout the entire year. It is the ideal location for anyone wishing to get away from the winter.

On a clear day, Torrey Pines of San Diego offers views of the coast and the ocean.
San Diego offers a wealth of sights and activities throughout the year.

Explore San Diego’s more than 70 miles of immaculate beaches, take a trip through the breathtaking State Park, or visit the fun-filled San Diego Zoo.

San Diego hosts a plethora of festivities in the winter as well. In San Diego, make sure to visit California Burritos for incredible morning burritos and Oscar’s Mexican Seafood for outstanding tacos.

24. Nevada

Winter, when temperatures can reach a high of 60 to 70°F and fewer individuals visit national parks, is one of the greatest seasons to explore Death Valley National Park.

The United States has various amazing national parks, however Death Valley is special.

It has the Badwater Basin, which is 282 feet below sea level and the lowest point in North America, yet it is also surrounded by mountains that are over 11,000 feet tall.

Standing in the center of the basin in the winter and seeing mountains covered in snow all around you is truly stunning.

25. Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii, is without a doubt one of the top warm winter vacation destinations in the USA, with average winter temperatures in the lower to mid-70s°F, rising to the 80s°F by March/April.

Despite the fact that it is the rainy season, Kauai’s fantastic activities can still be enjoyed in plenty of time even when it rains.

On Kauai, there are a ton of amazing things to do and see.

Explore the amazing Spouting Horn Blowhole, take a whale-watching trip, travel to the breathtaking viewpoints along Waimea Canyon, stroll one of the many beautiful paths, sunbathe while spotting sea turtles as well as monk seals along PoiPu beach.

All throughout the Hawaiian paradise of Kauai, the water is warm enough for swimming even in the dead of winter.

It is also densely forested and dotted with gorgeous mountains, giving it the ideal location for picturesque walks and breathtaking sunsets.

Explore from above! One of the island’s most distinctive experiences is taking a helicopter ride.

Their 65-Minute Kauai Grand Deluxe Helicopter Tour, which flies over some of Kauai’s most breathtaking scenery, including the Waimea Canyon as well as the Na Pali Coast, is the greatest.

Final Thoughts

The greatest warm winter holidays in the USA have been presented on this list if you’re searching for a sunny getaway from the snow and ice.

There are numerous sunny locations across the nation to keep you happy, whether you’re organizing a family vacation, a romantic trip, or a quiet single retreat.

We hope you’ve found plenty of warm winter trip ideas in this guide, which offer so many vacation activities including locations with heated pools, outdoor Christmas celebrations, yoga in the desert, and more.

These are the most astounding warm locations in the USA throughout the winter, from the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii (see also: 17 Beaches In Hawaii That Are Just Like Paradise)to the hot springs of Texas.