Where To Stay When Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon

If you’re thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon, it’s essential that you plan your trip wisely.

You don’t want to spend too long traveling, especially if you want to enjoy the scenic views in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Where To Stay When Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon

So, we’ve found some of the nearest cities and towns available for you to stay in.

We’ve included our favorite destinations, from towns to bustling cities. All of these places are close to the National Park, so let’s take a look at the best places to stay.


Over the years, Cameron has become a base camp for tourists who wish to explore the Grand Canyon South Rim.

It’s only a small trading post that lies 30 miles from the eastern entrance of the National Park, so if you’re looking for a cultural experience, then you’re in for a treat.

Not only will you learn about the Grand Canyon, but the Cameron Trading Post is a place where you can buy hand-crafted jewelry, rugs, pottery, baskets, and paintings from the natives who live there.

It’s a place where you can learn all about Navajo culture and a perfect place to take a step back and relax.

You’ll find there is only one Motel in town, and it has been decorated with Native American and Southwestern-inspired art and decorations.

While it’s not a metropolitan hub, Cameron is a great place to stay for anyone who wants a pit stop before continuing their adventure through the Grand Canyon.

Not only is it close to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, being only an hour away, but it’s also an hour away from the city of Flagstaff. If you want to explore other sights, you can.

Cameron is an hour and a half away from Lake Powell, two hours away from Sedona, and three hours away from Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest, and Zion National Park.


Where To Stay When Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon- Flagstaff

Located roughly 80 miles away from the southern and eastern stations of the Grand Canyon South Rim, Flagstaff is the closest major city to the Grand Canyon.

Much of Flagstaff’s economy is earned from the tourism industry, especially as it’s so close to the Grand Canyon.

Not only do guests visit the Grand Canyon, but it’s actually close to other natural wonders, so it is also known as the City of Seven Wonders.

It is located on Route 66, so you’ll find that many guests who travel America’s longest highway visit from out of state.

Astronomy fans will also be interested in visiting due to Flagstaff’s history of astronaut science training, instrument development, and lunar mapping in association with NASA; naturally, it has become a hub for astro tourism too.

If you want to use Flagstaff as your base of operations, you’ll find that it is only an hour and a half away from the Grand Canyon using the most direct route.

However, it can take another ninety minutes, depending on the directions you take.

It is also only half an hour away from the Wupatki National Monument, 40 minutes to Oak Creek Canyon, and half an hour to the Sunset Crater Volcano.

You can also take a longer journey to the San Francisco Peaks, Coconino National Forest, and Walnut Canyon.

Grand Canyon Junction

The Valle area is known as Grand Canyon Junction, and it’s a small community that is only 25 miles away from the Grand Canyon’s southern entrance to the Grand Canyon South Rim.

From here, you can catch some beautiful Milky Way views and observe the Grand Canyon wildlife in their natural habitat.

As a small community, it has steadily grown over the years to incorporate the tourism industry surrounding the Grand Canyon.

Even though there is only one hotel, more camping and glamping sites have emerged with the growing popularity of this base of operation.

Many of the buildings are made of old Western-style buildings, and it showcases the history of ranching, railroads, and highways that lead to the Grand Canyon.

This community emphasizes its rich history and diversity and aims to preserve the history of its community while taking a step further into the future.

As it’s only half an hour away from the Grand Canyon, it’s one of the best bases of operations to stay and fill up your tank to prepare you for your adventure around the Canyon.

Grand Canyon Village

Where To Stay When Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon-Grand Canyon Village

Located inside the national park, the Grand Canyon Village is the closest town to the Grand Canyon South Rim, and there are five hotels available for you to stay in.

However, due to how close it is, it also fills up incredibly quickly.

If you want to stay here, you need to ensure you reserve your space quickly. If you stay here, you’ll be close to a number of gift shops and restaurants that you can stay at inside the canyon.

Plus, some amazing views allow you to see the Canyon from the comfort of your own accommodation.

Naturally, there are some areas where you can park your RV or set up camp, but staying in the Village is one of the more expensive options when staying here.

So, if you plan to stay here, you need to book your space in the campground or hotel.

Phantom Ranch

Located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch is one of the most in-demand places to stay if you’re visiting the Grand Canyon.

As it’s at the bottom of the Canyon, you need to hike down from either the North or South Rim to get to it.

However, there are options to either travel by mule or take a raft to the Ranch.

As it’s so in demand, this historic lodge has limited space and has both dormitories and cabins.

If you want to stay here, you need to enter a lottery system at least a year in advance even to reserve a space here.

All food is brought to the lodge via mule, so any meals must be planned in advance.

While it is one of the nearest places, this is one of the most difficult places to find a place to stay due to how in demand it is and how many people plan to stay here.

So, we recommend staying here only if you’re feeling incredibly lucky.

Tuba City

Located just under 60 miles away from the South Rim’s Desert View Watchtower and 80 miles from the Visitor Center, this city is a popular destination for anyone who wants to visit the Grand Canyon.

Despite its name, Tuba City is not actually a city but instead the largest settlement in the Navajo Nation.

It is known for its Native American heritage, where there is a trading post and two local history museums.

In fact, the city got its name from the Hopi chief who served as a guide for Mormon pioneers.

It should take just over 90 minutes to get from Tuba City to the Grand Canyon, depending on where you plan to visit.

As a whole, it’s a great place to stay, as there are a few more hotels, and it’s a larger settlement than Cameron.

There are also a few fast-food drive-throughs to grab a quick bite to eat.


Where To Stay When Visiting The South Rim Of The Grand CanyonTusayan

If you’re looking for the nearest town to stay in, Tusayan is only two miles away from the southern entrance station to the Grand Canyon South Rim.

While this is an expensive area to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon, it is one of the easiest places to travel to and from the Canyon.

There are numerous hotel chains to stay at, and you can book tours and get shuttle buses to the Canyon from here.

The town is dedicated to protecting the Grand Canyon and earned a designation as a member of the Arizona Green Community.

So, if you’re hoping to find a location that looks after the environment, then you’re in the right place.


As one of the biggest towns around the Grand Canyon National Park, it is located on Route 66, and you’ll find that traveling here is like going back in time.

You’ll find numerous souvenir shops, retro diners, and a railway that leads directly to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

It’s only 55 miles away from the southern entrance of the Grand Canyon South Rim, so if you want to find a place that has affordable places to stay, this is one of the best places to visit.

The Grand Canyon Railway is a must-see for any train enthusiast, and it’s a great location for those interested in history who want to explore the historic buildings located here.

There are also numerous other outdoor activities to do. For example, you can go fishing, hiking, or go out horseback riding.

You can even see some of the local wildlife as you explore the Bearizona Wildlife Park nearby.

With the Grand Canyon being only one hour and twenty minutes away, we’ve found that Williams is one of the top travel destinations, especially for history buffs.

So if you want somewhere affordable to stay, consider Williams as an option.

Final Thoughts

If you want to travel to the Grand Canyon South Rim, these are the best places to explore.

After all, you don’t want to stay too far away when you spend the day out admiring the sights of the Grand Canyon.

When you look for a place to stay, it’s better to start searching sooner rather than later, as the hotels book up quickly.

So, why not start planning your trip now, so you know exactly where you need to go?