24 Greatest US Locations To Visit At Christmas Time

December is a particularly enchanted month in lots of different locations in the U.S. Christmas festivities are well underway, and you can easily sense the excitement and happiness they bring.

Nearly wherever you turn, you may find gorgeous Christmas lights, bustling Christmas markets, adorned Christmas trees, and delectable Christmas goodies tempting you.

24 Greatest US Locations To Visit At Christmas Time

Many people yearn for snowy winter destinations with sleigh rides, trips to Santa’s workshops, and hot cocoa even if we live in warm, bright locations.

While others who reside in such cold, snowy areas would rather enjoy Christmas treats amid beaches, hotel spas, and while relaxing in the sun with an iced drink in their summer wear.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re uncertain about what type of Christmas you’d like this year. This article will showcase some of the top locations in the USA for a joyous Christmas.

Finding a place to go around Christmas that offers enjoyable activities can be difficult for many individuals.

Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Christmas celebration spots in the USA in this article.

We are confident that your Christmas vacation to any of the following locations will be enjoyable no matter whether you travel alone, with a companion, or with your family.

Keep reading to find out about the 24 best Christmas destinations in the U.S!

24 Best Places To Visit At Christmas In The U.S

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 24 U.S. vacation spots for the upcoming Christmas break.

They can be found in Hawaii as well as all four corners of the United States, which is not surprising.

As you may anticipate, most major cities host extravagant spectaculars and special events. Many little towns and cities, however, will astound you with their charm and holiday enthusiasm.

In addition, all of these locations offer incredible day-to-day attractions and experiences when visitors aren’t admiring gingerbread houses, taking sleigh rides, or watching Christmas parades.

You’ll see that we’ve not made it simple for you to decide where to go – because everywhere on this list is an amazing Christmas experience!

1. New York City, New York

24 Greatest US Locations To Visit At Christmas Time (1)

The holiday season is spectacular in New York City.

New York is bustling with festive joy, spectacular decorations and lights, and a whole host of thrilling Christmas activities for the whole family.

Why not take a fabulous tour of the many fantastic department store window displays, take a trip to Santaland in the Macy’s department store or chill out at the ice rink at Rockefeller Center?

Bryant Park is full of festive celebrations, and there are a wide variety of magnificent Christmas trees dotted all around the city.

The Rockefeller Center tree is a real hit and features a massive crystal star as its tree topper.

Central Park is the place to be if you want to see an abundance of beautiful snow-topped trees.

You can purchase a wide range of gifts at the Christmas markets in Union Square and don’t forget to check out the Christmas spectaculars!

There’s always something to see and do in New York City at Christmas, which is amassed with Christmas cheer all the way through December.

2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is charming all year round, but there’s something special about the holiday season that makes it seem even more enchanted.

The Historic District is decorated for the holidays with hundreds of twinkling lights, festive greenery in the squares, and carolers strolling through it.

Savannah residents are basically natural holiday celebrators!

The Gingerbread Trail, The Holiday Boat Parade, as well as the Holiday Tour are a few of the most well-liked seasonal activities.

Don’t forget to check out the stunning Cathedral Basilica as well. It has a detailed nativity scene and is adorned with crimson poinsettias.

Broughton Street, River Street, and City Market are the town’s busiest holiday-themed locales.

Don’t forget to take a trip along Jones Street, which is highly regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful streets.

Check out the Historic District of Savannah’s Christmas decorations, which are all really lovely.

They have a highly traditional quality and appear to be taken directly from a Dickens book.

The famous Olde Pink House as well as the 17hundred90 Inn and Restaurant are two of the most well-liked restaurants throughout the holidays.

Make arrangements for these restaurants at least a month ahead of time because Savannah is among the top destinations in the USA to come for Christmas

3. Asheville, North Carolina

You could claim that Asheville is considered one of the best cities to visit in the USA all year round because of its incredible selection of outdoor attractions, highly regarded dining options, and vibrant cultural environment.

But when accompanied by the merry lights and holiday decorations, the mountain backdrop and art deco buildings take on an all new appeal.

It’s lovely to travel to Asheville around the holidays. Additionally, there are lots of Christmas-related activities.

Starting in early November, a 35-foot-tall tree is raised in the Banquet Hall to kick off Christmas in Biltmore Estate (the biggest privately-owned property in the US).

Regular tours of the opulent Estate, which is decorated in the season’s bright hues, are available. Their candle-lit evening tours are a great idea for a romantic evening.

You’ll adore the North Carolina Arboretum’s Winter Lights as well. Their gardens and forest border are lined with brilliant displays made of thousands of sparkling Christmas lights.

A huge “garden” of daisies, winter wildlife, vibrant butterfly exhibits, and an exhibit using bug lanterns were just a few of the new nature-themed exhibits that were introduced the previous year.

There are, of course, a ton of additional year-round attractions and activities in Asheville.

Visiting famous sites including Mount Mitchell State Park and the Great Smoky Mountains Park involves traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway.

But Asheville, North Carolina is among the top places to travel in the USA (see also:31 Top Places In The USA For A January Getaway)for Christmas because of these distinctive holiday celebrations.

4. Naples, Florida

If a white Christmas isn’t what you’re picturing this time of year, a tropical vacation can be just as lovely and a welcome change from the arctic conditions!

Take a journey to Naples, Florida’s Paradise Coast, where the holiday season is just as joyous as it is up north.

The southern Gulf Coast’s holiday parades are anything but usual. Santa typically travels on a party boat with rocking Christmas music and holiday decorations.

The Christmas boat parades, which take place every year to kick off the holiday season, are several events you may go to in December.

The start of the Christmas season coincides with the traditional tree-lighting event in the beginning of December.

A two-day celebration includes a real Nativity scene, an ice rink, and a long table on Fifth Avenue. Throughout the entire Christmas week, the enchanted scene is repeated.

Shops in the city put on distinctive holiday displays, and fake snow machines inject a touch of classic Christmas.

The fact that all of this festive fun can be enjoyed (see also: Fun Activities To Enjoy In Miami Instead Of Partying!)alongside a vacation to Naples’ world-famous beaches is what makes the city one of the top holiday destinations in the USA.

The majority of visitors will be comfortable in the mid-60s (F) temperatures, even though the water may be a little cool for locals.

5. Branson, Missouri

A top contender for greatest Christmas destination is Branson in Missouri. Lots of Christmas performances, events, and numerous fun activities for the whole family are on offer.

Silver Dollar City is the perfect Christmas theme park excursion, and there are an abundance of gorgeous festive sceneries and decorations across the city.

While you’re in Branson, definitely check out one of the world-famous theater productions – which are sure to be a festive treat!

Try out the holiday parade and the Midtown lights display which will fill you with festive cheer.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Greatest US Locations - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas in Nevada isn’t just a party destination for casino lovers and club-goers, it’s also an epic Christmas experience! The entire city is adorned with fantastic decorations and light shows.

The famed adult playground seriously knows how to celebrate the festive time of year, so expect a huge variety of Christmas shows and activities to keep you busy, and if you fancy your luck in the New Year – have a go on the slots while you’re there, Santa might bring you some good fortune!

7. Seattle, Washington

A tiny city with a Bavarian flair called Leavenworth, Washington, is located not far from the Cascade Mountains.

Due to its charm, about a million people visit it every year, many of them come to see Christmas inside the village.

The half a million festive lights that illuminate the city contribute significantly to the atmosphere.

The lighting rituals, which take place every weekend during the first few weekends of December, draw around 20,000 visitors each weekend.

You can stroll to the majority of the stores and cafes that fill the streets of Leavenworth because it is a small place. As they are both very well-liked, start at the Hat Shop and the Nutcracker Museum.

8. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is known as “Charm City,” but during the holiday season, it takes on the moniker “Jolly Charming City.” It is among the top destinations in the USA to go over the holiday season.

This close-knit area of Baltimore is well-known for its “Miracle on 34th Street”! This outdoor holiday display, that is currently in its 73rd year, leads to gridlock and joyful smiles.

Dogs and children alike are dressed in Christmas sweaters and reindeer antlers by their parents.

Passengers view classic Baltimore rowhouses with porches turned into sparkling holiday homes as automobiles crawl down 34th Street.

9. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Looking for somewhere to spend a wonderful Christmas holiday in the United States? Bethlehem should be on your list!

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than wonderful in Bethlehem considering that it is regarded as “Christmas City.”

This Pennsylvania village, considered to be a contender of the most festive Christmas towns across the country, is located approximately an hour from New York City.

At the Hotel Bethlehem, in which more than 35,000 lights are presented during the Christmas season, Christmas fans will experience the time of their life.

Another significant attraction in Bethlehem are the Christmas markets. The Christmas Village, wherein vendors showcase European goods and other homemade items, is one of the most well-liked fairs.

10. Oahu, Hawaii

On the island of Oahu, Christmas is unique and different from that on the mainland.

With a more tropical mood, hues, and vigor, you can still enjoy the festive decorations, vivid displays, Christmas markets, and special events.

Along with the holiday spirit, Oahu offers some of the best activities year-round, including trekking Diamond Head, seeing Pearl Harbor, and touring downtown Honolulu.

11. Washington DC

There is no other location in the US like Washington, DC for Christmas! For the festive season, the nation’s capital goes all in and celebrates in a fashion that is unique to DC.

Visitors can explore the White House at Christmastime and see the traditional White House ginger cake, numerous Christmas trees with distinctive decorations, and an historical nativity scene.

Tip: book tours through the office of your congressman three months beforehand. No matter your political views, taking a Christmastime visit to the White House is an incredible experience.

12. Vail, Colorado

Vail is an amazing place to visit during the Christmas period.

Even though Vail probably isn’t one of the top destinations that everyone thinks to visit at Christmas time, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places on this list and everyone should put it on their Christmas vacation bucket list!

European influence envelopes the city and an array of alpine adventures are up for grabs.

If you love skiing, Vail is the place for you at Christmas!

With an abundance of glorious Christmas decorations with a stunning alpine backdrop, you won’t be disappointed if you choose to visit Vail at the most wonderful time of year.

You’ll be sure to keep the kids entertained too, because Vail offers some of the best Christmas activities in the U.S!

13. New Orleans, Louisiana

The Christmas season is thrilling in New Orleans, Louisiana. Most people typically associate Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday) with New Orleans and the springtime.

However, it is among the top destinations in the USA to visit in December(see also: 32 Top December Destinations In The U.S. You Need To Visit). Because New Orleans really does have some amazing food and lights to explore!

In recognition of the Réveillon celebrations, which only take place throughout the month of December, several establishments provide French gastronomic menus.

Additionally, establishments like The Roosevelt Hotel and The Bourbon Orleans have amazing Christmas light displays.

14. Alexandria, Virginia

In close proximity to Washington, DC, on the other side of the Potomac River sits the lovely historic town of Alexandria, Virginia.

Despite the fact that Alexandria is filled with activities throughout the year, the holiday season is among the greatest times to travel there.

This all-American Colonial village celebrates Christmas with a Scottish twist during the first few weeks of December.

You’re just as likely to encounter a Scottish accent as a southern drawl when touring the 18th century structures on the brick-paved streets.

The yearly Scottish Christmas Parade in Alexandria serves to honor its Scottish roots each year.

While bagpipes announce Santa Claus Is Coming, Scottish clans in this town parade around the town draped in their finest tartans.

15. Seattle, Washington

Even though Seattle may not be the primary location you think of when you imagine Christmas, the city is brimming with festive enthusiasm.

Winter is the ideal time to travel to one of the greatest destinations to see in the U. S. for Christmas because there are also fewer people and snowy areas about an hour away.

There are a huge amount of Christmas festivities in Seattle, no matter the weather. For instance, the larger Seattle area generally hosts over 50 holiday craft fairs.

Handmade presents are widely available in the Pacific Northwest thanks to the region’s vibrant DIY scene.

Seattle has a ton of glitzy decorations because Christmas isn’t Christmas without them.

Visit Zoo Lights to enjoy entertaining light displays among the animals. Alternately, you may visit a neighborhood drive-through exhibit during the Christmas Festival and Dazzle.

16. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for the best holiday destination in the USA.

Orlando offers a variety of holiday-themed activities as well as regional celebrations that are unlike anything else you’ll find anywhere else.

Theme parks have become a popular Christmas excursion, but you may also enjoy a tour of Disney’s hotels without having to pay to enter the parks.

For instance, take a look at the Grand Floridian’s enormous Christmas tree and gingerbread house.

Even without the chilly weather and snow, Christmas throughout Orlando is a wonderful time. In fact, that could be the best thing about going to Orlando during Christmas.

17. Frankenmuth, Michigan

A small town in Michigan called Frankenmuth is well-known for its German roots and charming Bavarian-style buildings.

Although “Little Bavaria” in Michigan is excellent all year round, December is among the best months to visit.

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, which bills itself as the biggest Christmas store in the world, is one of its key attractions.

You’ll discover an overwhelming variety of seasonal accessories and decorations within.

Although the establishment is always well-liked, the run-up to the holidays sees an utter flurry of activity.

You can go shopping for lights, trees, decorations, and more, or you can pose for pictures beside one of the several enormous displays.

18. Los Angeles, California

One of the top Christmas vacation destinations in the USA is Los Angeles.

There are tons of enjoyable activities to do in the winter. Every Christmas season, the 150-acre botanical garden turns on a big walk-through light display.

Visit Universal Studios, which is another suggestion. The park is completely done out for Christmas, and there are tasty treats with a Christmas theme.

It’s enjoyable to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles. The abundance of decorations makes it feel like Christmas even though it is a warm getaway. The city is filled with fun events, which provides for a distinct winter getaway.

19. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is a great place to spend Christmas.

The Christkindlmarket, which is less congested than other Christmas markets, is among the top attractions and locations to enjoy in December.

It is home to tiny wooden cottages brimming with treasure.

You can also indulge in some delicious Christmas treats. The German Market, which is well-known for everything German, is another.

This includes mulled wine, beer, food, and barbecue.

Throughout this time of year, Wisconsin is lit up and at its happiest. It becomes unique and cheery thanks to the Christmas markets.

Because of this, Milwaukee is among the top destinations in the USA to travel to throughout the holiday season.

20. Sedona, Arizona

During the holiday season, Sedona presents the Tlaquepaque Festival of Lights, where 6,000 luminarias illuminate the streets and courtyards.

Live music, a Santa visit, and cheery Christmas decorations adorn the windows of stores and restaurants, adding to the festive atmosphere.

In fact, Downtown Sedona has a number of holiday events the entire month.

Sedona is well renowned for two things no regardless of the season you visit: some of the most incredible hikes, as well as the occurrence of energy vortices.

On Sedona Vortex hikes, you can experience the therapeutic energy as well as the spectacular vistas.

Another fantastic trip to a beautiful bridge that will look amazing in your holiday greeting photo is Devil’s Bridge.

The best aspect is that the hikes are doable for most people and reward you with stunning views of red rocks.

21. Denver, Colorado

Due to the abundance of festive activities held there, Denver ranks among the top cities in the USA to visit over the holidays.

Downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall is lined with light displays, such as the esteemed Mile High Tree.

The festive music illuminates this immersive art installation, which is 110 feet tall. While wandering around the walk-through exhibit, it is great to see and hear.

Even in the chilly winter months, Denver offers a variety of year-round attractions, including some fantastic hikes.

You must include a visit to the famous Red Rock Amphitheatre in your schedule for Denver. It is just a short distance from the city center and offers lovely pathways in the cool festive air.

22. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the top holiday destinations in the USA. In the city, a number of unique events are taking place. You may go to the Christkindlmarket, for instance.

This year’s Christmas market in Daley Plaza is hugely popular. Both unique homemade Christmas gifts and delectable holiday delicacies are available for purchase.

Beyond the Christmas festivities, Chicago has a wealth of amazing sights to see.

The Art Institute as well as the Field Museum, located on Lake Michigan and close to Millennium Park, are two of the top museums.

At the Willis Tower’s Skydeck, you can enjoy stunning city panoramas. The well-known Cloud Gate sculpture may be found in Millennium Park.

Additionally, Millennium Park in December includes an enormous Christmas tree and is one of Chicago’s top Instagrammable locations.

23. Lake Placid, New York

Christmas is a beautiful time to visit Lake Placid. Take part in Lake Placid’s enjoyable holiday stroll and get some last-minute presents at one of the village’s many fantastic stores.

You can visit Santa and the reindeer by going to Santa’s Workshop in nearby North Pole, New York, which is about 20 minutes away.

The Park features shows, rides, and naturally, holiday sweets.

With its snow-covered peaks, a trip to see Santa, and cozying up by a fire in one of the charming lodges in the hamlet, Lake Placid offers the ideal Christmas atmosphere.

Winter is a terrific time to visit Lake Placid to take in the village’s splendor because it hosted two Winter Olympics.

24. Charleston, North Carolina

One of the most well-liked holiday vacation destinations in the USA, particularly on the east coast, is Charleston.

The city is beautiful during Christmastime, and old residences are decked out beautifully.

Charleston also holds joyous occasions like parades, plays, concerts, and plays that are suitable for everyone, including young people, couples, and families.

While you’re here, stroll through the city to admire the lovely holiday decorations, and stop at the Citadel to view the bulldog monument decked out for the season.

Travel all around the amazing Magnolia Plantation as well to see the lovely plantation homes and grounds and to discover more about its history of slavery.

Tips For Air Travel Across The U.S At Christmas

Be sure to follow our advice below if you’re planning to fly to your destination during the Christmas season.

Take The Day’s Earliest Flight

Flying around the holidays is notoriously challenging. Winter weather and busy times make it possible for numerous flights to be affected by a single cancellation.

The greatest advice for holiday travel is to reserve a seat on the first departure of the day to protect against delayed or canceled flights,

Think About Different Airports

Flying to and from airports that are often less congested is one method to avoid the crowds and reduce stress during the holidays.

For instance, flights to Miami may be fully booked in Southern Florida, while Fort Lauderdale is only an hour to the north.

Airports in Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, which also offer flights across the nation, can have more seating and more affordable rates than the bigger hub.

Observe The Weather

Speaking of delays, whether you’re flying or driving, winter vacations are sometimes accompanied by rain, ice, and snow, which can seriously interfere with your plans.

Prior to your travel, be sure to keep an eye on the weather reports and try to make the appropriate adjustments.

Airlines frequently release flexible travel policies in advance of a significant weather event or storm, enabling passengers to change their plans without incurring additional costs and postpone their journey to a later date.

You may also be able to select a different location, but bear in mind that you might be required to pay any fare differences if you do.

Regardless of whether the weather is fine where you are, maintain a close eye on your destinations and keep in mind that when a weather event affects some of the major airports in the country, the consequences spread throughout the entire country.

Follow all winter driving safety advice if you’re behind the wheel.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has been helpful for helping you choose your next U.S Christmas vacation!

Every place on this list offers an exciting festive experience – whether you prefer to celebrate with a cocktail on the beaches of Hawaii, or wrap up with a hot cocoa and view the stunning lights of New York City!