22 Most Beautiful And Exciting Beaches In Florida

While there are numerous reasons people from all around the globe will visit the vibrant and exciting state of Florida, one of the most popular is the sheer amount of beautiful sandy beaches that you can find dotted around nearly every corner.

22 Most Beautiful And Exciting Beaches In Florida

You can be sure that no matter where you are, you won’t be more than a short walk from one of the 189 official beaches that all have their own unique attributes that make each one stand out, however with that being said, it’s never easy choosing what beach to visit considering Florida’s 360-mile coastline is packed full of them, making it hard to narrow down which are actually worth your time and effort.

That’s what we are here to help with today as we breakdown 22 of the best and most beautiful beaches you can visit in Florida right now whether you want to join in some sandy sports activities, or just sit back and relax with a beverage while watching the clear blue waves roll by, there’s a beach just for you.

1. Cocoa Beach, Brevard County

If you were thinking about getting some use out of your surfboard when visiting a beach while admiring an astonishing view, there’s no better spot in all of California than Cocoa Beach, just an hour’s drive east of Orlando.

The waves at Cocoa Beach are known for being moderately choppy a lot of the time, while also producing some much bigger waves during the spring and summer, making it ideal for not just seasoned surfers, but also beginners who just want to familiarise themselves with their board.

Aside from the amazing surfing opportunities, since Cocoa Beach is also an actual town, there are many cafes and restaurants dotted around where you can enjoy an array of fresh food while watching the waves roll by.

We recommend Florida’s Fresh Grill if you’re a meat lover and Steakhouse Seafood if you’re more partial to enjoying some fish after relaxing on the beach.

2. Palm Beach

Beaches In Florida - Palm Beach

While Palm Beach is often very busy, the reason for this is because of just how many activities, landmarks and exhibitions surround the beach, making it one of the most adventurous and scenic beaches in all of Florida.

Not only can you practice your swing at one of the many golf courses located around the glistening white sands, but you could also take a trip along Worth Avenue if you were thinking of doing some shopping later in the afternoon, or even take a visit to the numerous art galleries or the famous Gilded Age mansions which are incredibly luxurious buildings once owned by some of the richest people in US history.

This isn’t even mentioning the numerous high-quality hotels that can be found around the town of Palm Beach itself, offering relaxing and comfortable accommodation after you have enjoyed taking in the astonishing sights of the crystal clear sea on the beach.

If you’re looking for a beach where you will always have something to do in between your moments of relaxation, we really cannot recommend Palm Beach enough.

3. Marco Island Beach

The wide white-sandy beach of Marco Island is comprised of two main areas, the Tigertail Beach Park further north, and its family beaches located to the south.

If you’re in the mood for gazing at some of the clearest waters in all of Florida, or maybe you even want to paddleboard across them along with a few turtles and even dolphins that occasionally appear, the Tigertail Beach Park is your perfect destination.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and standard beaching experience where you and the kids can sit back, enjoy a few snacks, take the occasional dip in the clear blue sea and build a few sandcastles, the beaches near the south give you this option while also featuring many different access points, making it easy to get into.

Don’t forget to take a stop at the popular Sunset Grill Restaurant to enjoy a few cocktails and a juicy steak when you start feeling a little peckish.

4. South Beach Park

South Beach Park

South Beach Park located in the vibrant city of Vero Beach actually has a fascinating history, being part of Florida’s Treasure Coast which has encouraged many treasure hunters to visit the beach (see also: A Guide To The Amazing Things You Should Do When Visiting Seaside, Florida (& The Top 30A Beaches)!)for several decades to try their luck in finding a few rare objects and ornaments.

Not only are there facilities and guides around the beach who can give you the tools to participate in your own treasure hunt if you so wish, but South Beach is also popular for being a popular sandy sports area, meaning there’s always a game of beach volleyball, soccer or handball going on at any time that you can freely get involved with.

If an exciting treasure hunt and a few games of sports on the beach sound like your ideal beach visit, South Beach Park right next to the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect place to visit.

5. Siesta Key

If you recognize the wide and expansive Siesta Key beach, you may have seen it featured on the MTV show Siesta Key where contestants take on numerous challenges and activities alongside trying to balance relationships.

While we can assure you the beach isn’t as hectic as it’s made out to be on the screen, it is definitely as vibrant and jaw-dropping as it is on screen, featuring 8 miles of white quartz and crystal-clear waters where you can freely go for a snorkel or go hunting for some glistening seashells.

What makes Siesta Key stand out so much is that while there are numerous activities you can get involved with, it is still just as easy to sit back and enjoy one of the many beverages from the bars and pubs situated near the entrance to the beach, making it very versatile depending on what you want to do once you arrive.

6. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Beaches In Florida - Fort Lauderdale Beach

While Fort Lauderdale may be most well known for its events, museums and cultural activities, its beach certainly does not go unnoticed with it being one of the most regularly visited beaches in all of Florida, (see also: The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida)and this is for very good reason.

Over recent decades, billions of dollars have actually gone into redesigning Fort Lauderdale’s beach so that it can compete with its neighboring Miami beaches, which has turned it into one of the most relaxing and accessible, and luxurious beaches in all of Forida.

With smooth white sand stretching out over 23 miles, you can be sure when you sit down to read a book or go bird-watching on the beach, you will always have your own amount of personal space, or even if you go for a relaxing walk near the crystal blue sea, you won’t need to worry about running into any sports activities with this beach being extremely relaxing and the perfect place to put your mind at ease and forget about the stresses of the outside world.

7. Juno Beach

Not to be mistaken with the other popular French beach of the same name, Juno Beach sits directly in between Jupiter and West Palm Beach and is known for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere, unspoiled coastline and laid-back atmosphere where you can freely take a relaxing afternoon walk across the shoreline or even set up a picnic with a few friends and the family.

When you feel like you want to explore your surroundings after relaxing for a few hours, just 15 minutes from Juno Beach is the Loggerhead Marinelife Centre where research on sea turtles is conducted in order to encourage their protection, with visitors even being able to see the small creatures floating around in aquatic tanks for themselves.

For a quiet and pleasant beach experience, there’s no better time to visit Juno Beach than in the afternoon when the sun is starting to reach higher temperatures and the sea is as beautiful as it can be.

8. Delray Beach

Beaches In Florida - Delray Beach

Delray Beach is also commonly referred to as ‘Florida’s Village By The Sea’ which is in reference to how much of a lively town-like atmosphere surrounds the pleasant beach with cafes and restaurants such as J&J Seafood Bar and City Oyster being situated around the entrance to the beach, along with a few awe-inspiring and scenic attractions including the Morikami Museum and the Japanese Gardens.

The beach itself therefore oozes a communal atmosphere with locals of the town regularly taking strolls on the beach while talking to new visitors, along with the Atlantic Avenue only being a stone’s throw away which offers an incredible nightlife scene.

If you’re looking for a beach with a homely atmosphere where you can easily take a trip to a shop or even go shopping in between your snorkeling and paddleboarding sessions, Delray Beach is a perfect choice.

9. Bowman’s Beach

If you aren’t as big of a fan of the popular beaches and want somewhere a lot more quiet and tranquil where you can let your mind wander while listening to the light and calm waves of the crystal blue sea, Bowman’s Beach is accessed just off the main Sanibel-Captiva Road and is a long undeveloped beach that really gives the area an authentic and natural feel that is so hard to find in most beaches nowadays.

Resting on the soft sand or taking a relaxing stroll while dipping your feet into the sea and gazing at the sunset has never been so memorable than when doing it on Bowman’s Beach, so if you’re thinking of visiting a beach to escape from all the stresses and worries of everyday life and just want to enjoy the moment, Bowman’s Beach is an incredible option.

10. Clearwater Beach

Beaches In Florida - Clearwater Beach

As the name suggests, this beach stretching 2.5 miles across the Gulf offers a fantastic sightline of emerald waters that are so clear, you can easily spot the turtles and fish under the water, or better yet, you can even go fishing in the waters yourself or parasailing, making this beach both beautiful and exciting.

Alongside being crystal clear, the water at Clearwater Beach is also very shallow making it an excellent play area for kids, and with a waterfront park just 5 minutes from the beach itself, you can guarantee the kids will never be bored, making this one of the very best family beaches in all of Florida.

With a walkable downtown area along with a fantastic selection of places to dine out surrounding the beach such as the incredibly tasty Salty Crab Bar that offers a delightful view of the Gulf waters while you eat, Clearwater Beach is a beautiful area that can be enjoyed by couples and families alike.

11. Naples Beach

At seven miles long and featuring a serene atmosphere where you can feel the salty fresh air against your skin at all times, Naples Beach is definitely one of the more expensive beaches in Florida, however, if you’re looking for outstanding views along with top-quality service when it comes to your food, activities and hotels, there really is no place quite like it.

From gourmet restaurants and boutiques all the way to engaging and immersive activities such as golfing and wildlife spotting, as soon as you step into Naples beach, there is an extravagant amount of services that are offered to make your experience even more fun, enjoyable and memorable, not to mention, you are even able to fish from the beaches pier while getting a full view of the dazzling sunset, as if this beach didn’t already sound appealing enough.

12. Haulover Beach

Beaches In Florida - Haulover Beach

Each beach in Miami often has to try its best to stand out from the numerous other neighboring beaches dotted around the city, however, Haulover Beach has really made a name for itself as being Florida’s best-known and oldest officially recognized public nude beach.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason Haulover Beach is so popular as it also features a long stretch of the glistening crystal blue Atlantic sea where you can freely surf, parasail, snorkel or even surf to your heart’s content.

Haulover Beach also allows visitors to let their dogs off the leash so your canine companion can also get their day’s worth of exercise, making this beach incredibly unique and worth visiting, especially to get a few shots of the jaw-dropping never-ending deep blue Atlantic sea.

13. Crandon Park Beach

If you’re a big fan of snorkeling, or are looking for a beach where you can try it out for the first time, Crandon Park Beach features a fossilized mangrove reef which is home to an incredible variety of aquatic wildlife, and with the reef only stretching for about 400 yards, you won’t need to travel far to spot some unique sea creatures.

In fact, the reef is actually the fossilized remains of an ancient black mangrove forest which was once very exotic and home to numerous land creatures before it was engulfed underwater.

Because the reef is exposed within the tidal zone, it is often best viewed at a low tide to get the best experience.

This beach also offers visitors an observation deck over the top of the reef if you want to observe the wildlife without getting too wet yourself, along with the beach being one of Miami’s most popular bird-spotting destinations where you and a few buddies can watch the astonishing amount of hawks, ospreys and other beautiful birds that commonly fly past.

If you’re a fan of nature and wildlife and want to spend your time on the beach getting up close and personal with aquatic animals, or watching others from afar while enjoying a warm cup of coffee or a smoothie, Crandon Park Beach is perfect for you.

14. Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Located just 30 miles northeast of Jacksonville is the isolated yet beautiful Amelia Island which features 13 miles worth of beaches, all with their own unique charm and services that make Amelia Island incredibly versatile.

For example, whether you want to go horse riding in the Amelia Island State Park or want to pay a visit to the more quiet and laid-back Main Beach Park where you can enjoy the outdoor skate park and playground with the kids, or even if you just wanted to enjoy a few fresh homemade snacks on the numerous picnic tables surrounding the golf courses, Amelia Island is the perfect choice when you can’t make up your mind on the kind of beach experience you want and instead, want an adventure where you can plan your day once you get there.

15. Bahia Honda Beach

Bahia Honda is actually an incredibly important stopping point on the road between Miami and Key West which offers travelers a resting spot with some extravagant views of the expansive Atlantic Ocean where you can freely fish, snorkel, and even enjoy some kayaking.

What really helps Bahia Honda stand out however is the sheer amount of sightlines and iconic imagery you can see just from standing on the beach itself, with the most popular being what is left standing of Henry Flagler’s oversea railroad which was an attempt to connect Key West with the rest of the country right after the construction of the Panama Canal.

With a historical landmark towering over the beach itself, along with the many extra activities and the glistening clear water, Bahia Honda is a must-visit for anyone who wants a nice and refreshing sunbathing experience while admiring the historical constructions that are on show.

16. Deerfield Beach

While this beach used to be a common meeting place for deer who would wander along the glistening shoreline, it has been transformed in recent years into one of the very best family beaches in all of Florida, and that comes down the how the beach manages to strike the perfect blend between a quiet and serene beach experience, while also ensuring that fun and exciting activities are never too far away.

While the Deerfield Beach itself features an incredible eye-catching view of the dazzling ocean filled with dolphins where you can freely sunbathe or even rent one of the small shacks dotted around the beach to relax in, if the kids do start getting a little restless and want something that will keep them engaged, the Quiet Waters Park is just 5 minutes away and features one of the biggest water parks in all of Florida, along with other family activities including bike trails and even skiing.

For a fun, memorable and stunning family adventure, there’s no better beach to visit in Florida than Deerfield Beach.

17. St Petersburg Beach

Beaches In Florida - St Petersburg Beach

You can’t get much more beautiful than Sunshine City, also known as St Petersburg, which features a long and expansive beach where visitors can gaze upon the miles of relaxing shorelines where the sea remains calm and still with multiple different shorebirds and exotic wildlife flying across the clear blue skyline.

The beach is surrounded by an expansive urban cityscape which not only makes for picture-esque scenery with the tall skyscrapers and palm trees hanging over the sandy beach, but it also means you will never feel too disconnected or isolated from the rest of the exciting city of St Petersburg.

With many fancy hotels surrounding the beach and numerous activities for you to enjoy including kayaking, bird watching and shell collecting, the city and beach contrast works so well in this area that it has gradually become a favorite among beach enthusiasts over recent years.

18. Fort De Soto Park

With 1,136 acres worth of beaches to explore across Fort De Soto Park, you can be sure there is always a new jaw-dropping view to be seen the further along the powdery white sands that you travel.

It’s very common for visitors to get a clear view of the bottlenose dolphins that are known to jump out from the water occasionally, however, if you and the family want to get a little more adventurous, the North Beach offers a long coastline full of unique seashells to collect along with a natural tidal pool to keep you cool and refreshed in the warm summer sun.

Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are also common activities that many visitors will partake in throughout the park’s beaches, with there even being a Paw Playground where you can let your four-legged companion off the leash to navigate the obstacles courses, meet other dogs, and even have a splash around in the Gulf’s clear waters in the quarter-mile long Dog Beach.

Fort De Soto Park therefore offers some of the most beautiful and exciting family beaches in all of Florida where you will never have a shortage of things to do.

19. Islamorada

Beaches In Florida - Islamorada

Islamorada is made up of six islands and is located between mainland Florida (see also: The Ultimate Visitor Guide To Peanut Island In Florida)and the Florida Keys.

It is known for being one of the most exotic and tranquil locations in Florida with its towering palm trees and exotic wildlife scuttling across the white sandy beaches.

The beaches of Islamorada are located just 90 minutes south of Miami and is considered by many to be a tropical paradise for just how different it looks to the rest of Florida, and with guided tours letting you see all the exotic type of fish in the sea along with sport fishing and an incredible amount of seafront diners for you to enjoy when your stomach starts to grumble, Islamorada and its beaches really are the definition of a tropical getaway.

20. Blowing Rocks Preserve

The beach located at the Blowing Rocks Preserve is a fascinating location because it is actually anchored by an ethereal 100,000-year-old Anastasia limestone shelf, making it incredibly important within geographical history, and because the entire beach has been recognized as a success in terms of coastal habitat restoration for how well it has maintained and survived over the years, it really is a marvel to look at.

The rockier surface does mean that this beach isn’t the most ideal if you were planning to sunbathe or enjoy some beach sports and activities, however, if you like the idea of going on a relaxing stroll along one of the most historically important and naturally beautiful beaches in Florida, Blowing Rocks Preserve makes for an extravagant experience.

21. St. George Island Public Beach

St George’s Island is one of the only inhabited barrier islands near the Florida Gulf Coast that has actually remained relatively untouched throughout the years, which is part of the reason its public beach is so popular since visitors can get an idea of what Old Florida was once like with the traditional cottages dotted around the outside along with sprawling palm trees and bushes overgrowing the ancient rocks that pop out from the powdery white sand.

While it may be a real treat for the eyes, this beach is also pet-friendly, along with having a playground and picnic facilities, making it a relaxing and fairly quiet spot to take the family for a memorable day out, especially in the warmer months.

Not to mention, this beach is full of wildlife to keep your eyes peeled for including dolphins, crabs and pelicans, which also makes this the perfect destination if you just want to sit back and watch the natural world in all its beauty.

22. Santa Rosa Beach

Beaches In Florida - Santa Rosa Beach

While there are many beaches situated around Florida that offer some outstanding views and services for you to try out, a lot of the time these more active spots can be extremely popular and can create big crowds which can ruin the experience for some people.

If you are looking for a beach that is still filled with things to do while also being a lot more quiet and far easier to navigate than many of its neighbors, Santa Rosa Beach features clear emerald water and bright white sand, making it a perfect spot for sunbathing or enjoying a few snacks and beverages from the local shops and bars surrounding the beach.

When you’ve enjoyed taking in the breathtaking views on the beach, why not take a visit to one of the many local boutiques and art galleries just a few minutes from the beach such as The Workshop by Ginger Leigh Designs where you can pick up a painted ornament to take back for friends and family, or the Modus Photography Museum where you can take in some of the fantastic local artwork while learning a little more about Florida and Santa Rosa as an area.

While Santa Rosa is still considered one of the more ‘popular’ beaches in Florida with there being so many activities to try and out and incredible viewpoints, it is still a lot more relaxing and less populated than many of the other popular beaches around Florida.


Florida is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the entire nation, and with such a variety of areas to choose from, you can guarantee there is a spot that will suit your preference.

Whether you want somewhere where you can bring the family for a memorable outdoor adventure, an area where you can just relax and watch the calm blue waves to de-stress, or even if you just want to take in all the natural beauty surrounding you along with observing some unique wildlife, there will always be a beautiful beach for you to visit when you’re in Florida.