The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida

Florida’s Kissimmee should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re searching for a great family vacation.

Kissimmee City is situated on the beaches of Lake Tohopekaliga within Osceola County, Central Florida, however it is not immediately on the coast.

The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida

Orlando International Airport is the closest big airport. In Kissimmee, Florida, the beaches are one of the attractions.

Kissimmee has a lot to offer despite the fact that Orlando often eclipses it, and both beautiful lake beaches as well as coastal beaches are close by. 

The family-friendly vacation spot has made significant investments in entertainment to make sure visitors have a great experience. 

Kissimmee will make sure that you enjoy some much needed quality time with your friends and family thanks to its fantastic recreational activities, fantastic weather, fantastic scenery, white beaches, and vast selection of outdoor adventures.

You can get the escape you need at the beaches (see also: 20 Of The Best Secluded Beaches in Florida You Need To Check Out)in Kissimmee, Florida. Keep reading to find out about 5 spectacular beaches nearby.

Daytona Beach

One of the most well-known beaches close to Kissimmee, Florida, is Daytona Beach. This resort is highly recognized for both its magnificent sandy beaches and its international racetrack. 

Daytona Beach seems to be the best destination if you’re taking your family on a vacation to Florida(see also: Choosing The Ideal Vacation Location On Florida’s Panhandle: Pensacola, Panama City Beach, Or Destin?). Daytona Beach offers your family a variety of activity alternatives since it is only 78 miles to Kissimmee and close to Orlando.

You may arrange a day excursion to Daytona Beach and retire to your hotel after a day of coastal enjoyment thanks to the numerous beachside parks, pavilions, splash parks, bathrooms, boardwalks, and a playground.

Activities In Daytona Beach

Pay A Visit To The Renowned Marine Science Center

In close proximity to Daytona Beach is the excellent rescue facility known as the Marine Science Center. Find out how marine turtles and seabirds are saved. For all age groups, this wonderful institution offers a variety of educational options.

Climb Florida’s Tallest Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is easily accessible from Daytona Beach. Observe the Halifax River as well as the lovely Atlantic Ocean from the lighthouse’s top floor. The largest vintage Fresnel lens in the world is housed in this well-known structure.

Learn About Lighthouse Point Park

Explore Point Park, which is a short distance away, after visiting the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. To provide visitors with the greatest beachfront experience, this region has been protected over time. 

Enjoy yourself to the fullest on the beach, at a picnic, on a hike, or while fishing along the park’s trails. Discover Florida’s natural beauty and let your concerns go. You’ll want to return because of the clean air and breathtaking sights. 

Florida offers much more than simply beautiful beaches(see also: 22 Most Beautiful And Exciting Beaches In Florida)! Check out a few of the wonderful National Parks this state has to offer if you want to discover more of it.

Enjoy Your Meal At Off The Hook

Everyone enjoys delicious cuisine! The best fresh fish dinners can be found at Off the Hook, situated along the Halifax River.

The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida

Enjoy watching manatees, dolphins, turtles, and other gorgeous wildlife while you relax and recline. Excellent location to view the sunset, and also the live entertainment is also excellent.

Go Shopping At The Riverfront stores

Shopping is a necessity for any holiday. There are a number of stores in Daytona Beach. These stores make sure that visitors enjoy shopping along the waterfront.

Cocoa Beach

Explore the Cocoa Beach region when visiting Kissimmee. This beach is a favorite among many people due to its laid-back atmosphere, surf, abundance of sand, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Since Cocoa Beach is 65 miles from Kissimmee, a day trip there is the best option.

For travelers looking to escape bustling cities, it’s a great spot. When visiting Florida, you should spend some time at this beach.

Exciting Activities In Cocoa Beach

In Cocoa Beach, people of all ages and tastes may find something to enjoy. Both families and lone travelers can enjoy the natural features and beach activities(see also: 15 Best Activities In Turks And Caicos).

Spend Time On The Beaches

In the center of Cocoa Beach is Lori Wilson Park. This beachfront park is perfect for picnics on the beach because of the beautiful shoreline, grassy dunes, and nature trails. 

Free items are not always simple to come by in a huge city like Florida, so ensure you benefit from the complimentary parking and wander along stretches of Atlantic coastline.

Surf A Wave

The Cocoa Beach region features some entertaining waves that are appropriate for surfers of all skill levels, which makes it the ideal location for surfing if you’re seeking for terrific surf breaks. 

Check Out The Cocoa Beach Pier

You will enjoy beautiful views of the gorgeous beach, eateries, stores, and lovely boutiques in the area thanks to the long Cocoa Beach Pier that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Have A Meal Outside

This area has a wide variety of dining establishments  with a natural environment and stunning ocean views. Everyone receives the finest experience thanks to the full-screen television, background music, and well stocked bar.

Clearwater Beach

The Gulf of Mexico’s Clearwater Beach is about 101 miles from Kissimmee but is well worth the trip.

Activities At Clearwater Beach

Your next trip will be one to remember in this area, which is renowned for its stunning incredibly clear sea, white sand beaches, numerous family-friendly activities, water activities, and natural beauty.

Pier 60

Pier 60 is the biggest attraction of Clearwater Beach, despite the fact that there are many other things to do there. 

This is due to the amazing sunset views it offers. Pier 60 is the ideal location for a day’s end party and viewing the sunset because it views out onto the well-known Gulf of Mexico. 

It’s a well-liked fishing location, and kids may enjoy the lovely playground there. There are a number of covered pavilions where you may get some relief from the blazing sun.

Check Out Honeymoon Island

The well-known park got its name after serving as the vacation spot for the winners of a Life magazine sweepstakes. 

Because of its immaculate white beaches, this place is great for newlyweds. Despite the fact that guests are welcome throughout the year, it is best to avoid going in the late summer because of the rise of mosquitoes.

Since there are no food vendors inside the park, bring plenty of snacks with you.

Visit The Aquarium

The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida

Marine life, holidays, and the preservation of nature are the main draws to Kissimmee. The aquarium is committed to helping injured and orphaned marine animals. 

Injured and endangered species are cared for at the aquarium by a number of competent staff members and volunteers until the animals are eventually released back into their natural habitats. 

You and your kids can discover everything there is to know about the animals.

New Smyrna Beach

On Florida’s Atlantic coast, New Smyrna Beach ranks among the best beaches. This quaint area has a terrific surfing hub to provide you the experiences you want, and it’s only 58 miles from Kissimmee. 

You have the option of visiting Ponce Inlet or the seaside Smyrna Dunes Park, all of which provide a variety of enjoyable activities.

By exploring the New Smyrna Museum, which demonstrates the history and culture of the communities situated in Florida. Some of the local attractions must be reserved in advance.

Take a trip to the renowned Canaveral National Seashore. Many endangered species, including sea turtles that frequently visit beaches to lay their eggs, have been spared because of this sanctuary.

Vero Beach

Everyone looking for an entertaining vacation should go to Vero Beach. This location is perfect for water activities, golf, and fishing and is located 88 miles from Kissimmee. Prepare yourself for enjoyable nature tours, tranquil beaches, enjoyable museum visits, and superb lodging.

After having a great day seeing the area, schedule some time to go shopping at the biggest malls. All price ranges can find something in the downtown malls.

Other Beaches To Visit In Florida

These two fantastic beaches are also great contenders for our list of the best beaches to visit near Kissimmee.

St. Pete Beach

103 miles separate Kissimmee from St. Pete Beach. It is a seaside resort community within Pinellas County and is surrounded by pristine, award-winning beaches.

On these shores stands the Don CeSar Resort, one of the most prominent and historic landmarks. Relax in the beautiful green waters or soak up the rays on the silky white sand. For people or families that want a relaxed vacation, St. Pete Beach seems to be the best option.

Flagler Beach

Between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, 98 miles from Kissimmee, is Flagler Beach. Perfect for everyone who enjoys fishing, nature parks, waterfront open-air dining, contemporary hotels, and coastal stores. 

Your vacation will be fantastic because of the region’s welcoming residents and salty aesthetic. After finishing your shopping and going surfing, spend a leisurely day at any of the eateries.

Additional Activities In Or Around Kissimmee

Lake Buena Vista

Orlando is the first place that springs to mind when discussing Disney rides and attractions in Florida. 

They are, however, conveniently located in Lake Buena Vista, which is only a 12-mile drive from Kissimmee. The Lake Buena Vista entertainment options extend beyond the Disney Gates.

Every traveler has a spectacular and distinctive experience when visiting Lake Buena Vista, which offers everything from theme parks to golf courses to dining and shopping. 

At the restaurants in the evening, patrons can take in performances, comedies, dances, and other entertaining events.

Disney World

Whether you’re a solitary tourist, a couple, or a family on vacation, you must visit Walt Disney World Resort. 

With its numerous lodging options, dining options, and entertainment areas for visitors to enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to visit the Magic Kingdom to fulfill your childhood fantasies.

The 5 Best Beaches To Visit Near Kissimmee, Florida

Universal Studios

Visit Universal Studios for an actual movie studio experience and the fun of a theme park. This well-known site brings in millions of visitors each year from all around the world. 

Enjoy the exhilarating rides, attractions, shows, entertainment, dining, and many other family-friendly activities. 

Kennedy Space Center

If you haven’t seen the visitor complex at the Kennedy Space Center, your trip to Florida isn’t complete. 

This wonderful site is near to Orlando and offers a variety of family-friendly exhibits. You have the opportunity to interact closely with astronauts, space shuttles, and everything else NASA.

What To Bring For Your Beach Vacation In Kissimmee, Florida

There are numerous considerations to be made when booking a trip anywhere in the world. Ask yourself:

  • Where will your family be staying?
  • What kinds of things will you do?
  • Will your young children be able to eat the food?

Take your time learning about the location you’ve selected to explore, the hotels, the dining options, and the costs as you get ready for your vacation.

Regardless of the season, make sure you pack the following things when exploring the beaches in Kissimmee, Florida:

Sunscreen, Sun Hats, And Sunglasses.

The Sunshine State is the nickname for Florida. Bring some sunglasses to safeguard your eyes so that you may arrive prepared. 

Also include sunscreen in your luggage for skin protection. You can take part in all the exciting beach activities if you wear a sun hat. 

The majority of things to do in Kissimmee take place outside, so dress for sunshine. You can find palm palms everywhere, which can provide you with some shade while you’re out and about having fun on your trip.


When it’s hot outside, swimming is among the nicest things to do. Bring your best swimsuit as you’ll need it—Kissimmee is home to a number of water parks!

A Lightweight Jacket.

Even though Florida is known for its warmth, the weather greatly changes at night. Make sure you bring a thin jacket with you so you can stay warm.

Good Backpack And Comfy Shoes

Always take a good backpack and a pair of comfy walking shoes. You’ll need this backpack to transport necessities like snacks, a raincoat, a small fan, as well as a water bottle.


You will want to record and remember all the experiences you make while visiting the beaches in Kissimmee, Florida. Share your images on Instagram and Facebook to encourage loved ones to go to these stunning beaches.

Final Thoughts

For families, Kissimmee is the ideal vacation spot. This city provides nonstop sunshine, entertaining things to do, and amusement parks are nearby. 

Because each beach has multiple distinctive qualities appropriate for certain tourists, deciding which one is the ideal for you may be challenging.   

For a fantastic beach experience, start organizing your vacation to the most well-known beaches in Kissimmee, Florida.