5 Best Miami Boat Trips To The Bahamas

If you live in Miami or are planning to visit the wide and expansive city, you can’t miss out on taking a trip to the Bahamas, a stunning set of islands with boiling-hot temperatures, tropical scenery around every corner, and an exotic selection of food for you to enjoy.

5 Best Miami Boat Trips To The Bahamas

While you can hop on a plane to travel to the Bahamas from the Miami International Airport, taking a nice, peaceful and scenic boat ride makes the trip that much more memorable of an experience which is why it is always considered the better option when planning a trip to the jaw-dropping Bahama islands.

Here are some of the greatest boat and ferry trips in Miami currently that will take you to the Bahamas quickly and in style.

1. Royal Caribbean 3-Night Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed when taking a look at the expensive cruise prices traveling over to the Bahamas, however, don’t let this put you off as there are some amazing cruises that are a lot cheaper and still provide you with a top-quality journey, such as this offer by Royal Caribbean.

This cruise is not only a lot cheaper than the majority of its competitors, but it also gives you the option to adjust the price depending on where on the boat you would like to be whether it’s on a balcony, the interior, or in a fancy suite, the choice is entirely up to you.

The 3-day plan included in the cruise departs from Miami at 4:30 in the afternoon before landing in the Bahamas’ capital city of Nassau just 2 and a half hours later where you are free to explore the bright and vibrant city at your own leisure.

The second day then features the ‘Perfect Day’ event at CocoCay which is a large tropical festival featuring authentic food from the islands, with plenty of cafes and restaurnts to check out and even a few small roller coasters, making this cruise a cheap and exciting time for you and the family, and if you did want to upgrade to stay on the island for a few more days, you also get this option.

2. LogiTravel 11 Night Bahamas Cruise

If you’re looking for a trip that’s a little lengthier, this 11-day cruise is not only all-inclusive allowing you to spoil yourself on the way to the magnificent islands, but it also circles around a few other tropical islands in the Caribbean including Roatan and Belize.

The first island in the Bahamas that you will land on is Ocean Cay where you will be able to participate in the numerous fun and exciting activities the area is known for including, but not limited to, beach volleyball, snorkeling, surfing and even aqua gyms which is a unique aerobics class that provides you with an all-over body workout while remaining cool in the water.

On the fourth day, you will depart at Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and an incredibly popular and vibrant area where you can learn all about the rich history and culture of the Bahama islands and its residents, along with having a whole range of adventurous activities to join in with, or you can simply relax while sipping on one of the cities many exotic cocktails if that’s more your style.

3. MSC Cruises 4 Night Caribbean & Bahamas Cruise

If you really want to get a feel for the Caribbean islands in general but still want to spend most of your time in the Bahamas, this 4-day cruise takes you around the marvelous city of Freeport just off the coast from Florida before then traveling to Ocean Cay for 2 days and then returning back to Miami.

While the price is very cheap for how long you get to stay in each area, the MSC Divina cruise ship itself is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you glide across the sea with there being a wide selection of bars and lounges to choose from, along with a casino and even an area for kids clubs and activities, making for the perfect family cruise where you ca guarantee no one will get bored along the journey.

4. Worldwide Cruises Trip To Nassau

If you aren’t staying in Miami long enough for a lengthy trip, or if you just want a quick visit to the Bahamas to experience the islands in all their glory before getting back and enjoying the wonders of Miami, this cruise only lasts 3 days making it perfect as a quick getaway, especially when visiting with a significant other as you gaze upon the clear blue sea and all the exotic animals that traverse it.

The cruise takes you to the popular bustling capital city of Nassau, stopping off just a walk away from Bay Street which features an extravagant amount of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy right away so you won’t need to go traveling far once you depart.

Rather than being directed towards specific areas of the city, as soon as you drop off you are free to explore Nassau in all of its beauty so whether you decide to visit some of the jaw-dropping historic buildings, visit one of the city’s many lively night clubs, or even just sit back with a beverage and enjoy the sound of some island-inspired calypso music, this cruise trip really does allow you to choose how to spend your day of fun.

5. Norwegian Pearl Great Stirrup, Cay & Nassau

If you want to spend a little bit of time in multiple islands situated in the Bahamas to really get an authentic feel for what each is all about, this 5-day cruise guides you through the Great Stirrup Cay where you can enjoy some water sports and activities, before then reaching Nassau on the third day and finally Freeport which is packed full of jaw-dropping sights and some amazing attractions including the famous Garden of the Groves along with the 12-acre long Botanical Garden.

The reason this cruise trip works so well is that it allows you to participate in a different kind of activity each and every day, so while you may be getting some exercise by participating in the water sports of Stirrup Cay, you can then choose to simply sit back and watch the waves roll by in the luxurious city of Nassau, making for an adventure you’re guaranteed to never forget.


If you’re thinking about paying a visit to the wonderful and exotic Bahama Islands, consider choosing one of these excellent boat trips to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.