17 Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio

We all need to escape the city sometimes. And if you live in San Antonio, or somewhere near, then there are more beaches to find in and around San Antonio than you probably realize!

17 Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio

So if you’re a beach addict, sun-seeker, ocean lover, or someone who’s just looking for somewhere to relax and recharge under the sun, you’re in luck.

Because, below, we run through the best beaches in and near San Antonio.

And we have to admit it: all the following destinations are simply stunning!

So get ready to kick back and sunbathe, as we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best lake beaches and ocean shores that you need to visit around San Antonio.

For good measure, we also go over what to do there and what to expect – everything you need to know before you set off!

So with all that said, let’s get right into it.

1. Jacob’s Well

We’re starting this list off with Jacob’s Well Beach (Jacob’s Well Natural Area), which you’ll find on the way to Austin – just a short drive away from San Antonio.

So if you frequent Austin a lot, Jacob’s Well is a stop worth making if you haven’t been to it yet.

And it’s a truly gorgeous location that’s nestled in dense trees. So this is a swimming hole, technically, but there is a rocky shore where you can tuck into a picnic and relax!

Still, for swimming, there’s nothing better near San Antonio, since jumping into this freshwater pool (and submerged cave) is an experience like no other.

We also have to admit that Jacob’s Well is about as Instagrammable as it gets. So if you’re looking for the perfect swimming shot this summer, this is the place to go.

2. Comal Park Beach

Not far from Jacob’s Well, actually, is Comal Park Beach in Canyon Lake, so it’s the next best location worth talking about.

And there are a host of activities to enjoy here: swimming, kayaking, volleyball, and even jet-skiing.

So for leisure and adrenaline-seekers alike, Comal Park Beach is a top destination to include on your travel list.

The beach itself offers golden sand and a grassy lining that’s ideal for picnicking in the sun or under shady trees.

It’s close to San Antonio so it does get quite busy in the summer months. But it’s still worth it, in our opinion, especially if all you need is a quick beach getaway near the city!

3. Canyon Park Beach

Sharing the same clear blue water as Comal Park Beach is Canyon Park Beach – also located on the shores of Canyon Lake.

So, we’re just putting it out there, but you can visit both locations in one trip.

And if you do, Canyon Park Beach won’t disappoint with its massive choice of watersports activities: kayaking, jet-skiing, paddle boarding, and even wakeboarding – you name it.

It has to be said, though, that the beach here is more pebbly than sandy, but that shouldn’t bother you if you plan on spending the majority of your visit on the water.

And to be honest, with all those fun, family-friendly activities to choose from, why wouldn’t you?

4. Port Aransas Beach

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio - Port Aransas Beach

Yet to visit Port Aransas? You’re missing out. This six-mile stretch of inviting white sand and crystal-clear water is a sight for sore eyes – especially if it’s been a while since you’ve visited the beach.

Sure, it might be a short road trip away from San Antonio, but it’s totally worth it for the simple fact that Port Aransas is a great place to surf.

Oh, as well as swim, picnic, kayak, paddle, and explore the seafront markets.

You’ll find top restaurants(see also: Top Restaurants In Wailea And Kihei (Maui)) in the area too, plus a handful of bars if your favorite beach activity is sipping on a cocktail as the sun goes down. Hey – we don’t blame you.

5. North Beach

Here’s another one in the Corpus Christi area (same as Port Aransas) that’s worth talking about. So if you don’t mind the drive, we recommend checking out North Beach while you’re at it.

Why, you ask? Because alongside an inviting sandy expanse with beautiful ocean views (perfect for romantic strolls and picnics), it’s got a ferris wheel where you can really soak in the view.

And that’s not even the only tourist attraction in North Beach; you’ve also got the Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington, plus a whole array of restaurants and markets to explore on the shorefront.

All in all? Another must-visit beach that’s definitely worth visiting near San Antonio.

6. North Park Beach

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio - North Park Beach

And we’re back to Canyon Lake. But this one needs a special mention due to its turquoise waters and scuba diving hotspots.

Yep, North Park Beach is the go-to spot on this list if you’re an adventure-seeker who doesn’t mind getting wet.

But even if that’s not the case, it’s still worth visiting since there are almost 20 campsites onsite where you can tuck into a picnic and gaze over the picture-perfect lake views (see also: What Are The Most Popular Wineries For Views And Tastings).

So North Park Beach is a versatile beach spot, overall, no matter whether you’re planning a relaxing solo escape or a fun camping getaway with the kids.

It gets our stamp of approval, either way.

7. Malaquite Beach

Malaquite Beach is another beach on the eastern shore (facing the Gulf of Mexico) that’s a straight highway drive down from San Antonio.

So throw your beachwear, towel, and sunglasses in the car and make sure to check this beach out when summer comes around, (see also: 16 Best Beaches In and Around Dallas)as it’s not just a hotspot for swimming, strolling, and sun-soaking, but scuba diving, too!

And with horseback riding, windsurfing, and other fun activities to do in the area, Malaquite Beach offers a great family getaway if you (and the kids) want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

There’s also a campground located near the beach – a short stroll away, in fact. So in case one day isn’t enough, don’t forget to bring your camping gear!

8. Potters Creek Park Beach

Like the sound of Canyon Park Beach and North Park Beach but want something quieter? Set your sights on Potters Creek Park instead.

This sandy haven is on the north side of Canyon Lake Park and is the better choice if all you want to do is take in the views of the lake (in peace!) while enjoying some boating and fishing on the side.

There are camping grounds here as well as dedicated campsites for RVs, so you can park up and enjoy the south-facing views right from the second you turn up. We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing quite like pulling up to a good view!

And with hiking and cycling trails to explore just opposite the shore, Potters Creek Park Beach offers even more ways to wind down in solitude and get closer to nature.

All in all, it’s the best spot on this list if your ideal getaway involves enjoying some peace and quiet with more nature around you than, well, people!

9. San Jose Island

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio - San Jose Island

This must-visit destination might be an island but it’s still not too far from San Antonio if you don’t mind the drive.

It’s near Port Aransas, in fact, with stunning ocean views and clear waters that are perfect for cooling off when the sun’s out.

And there’s a lot of history to dive into here too – especially if you’re interested in the Civil War.

History aside, however, San Jose Island Beach offers a long stretch of sand to stroll on and even more great picnic spots to sit and have a break.

What we also really like about San Jose Island is that it’s great for birdwatching. So don’t forget to bring your binoculars!

10. Guadalupe River State Park Beach

Prefer canoeing and kayaking to sunbathing and strolling on the beach?

Guadalupe River State Park will be right up your alley. But it’s still a great location to sunbathe and chill out, since it also offers sandy riverbanks that are perfect for picnicking while soaking up the view.

What you have here is miles and miles of trails and waterways to explore on foot, on a bike, or in a kayak.

So it’s ideal for adventurers and nature lovers alike, with lots to see, do, and enjoy no matter how long you choose to stay.

And as Guadalupe River State Park is located just north of San Antonio, it’s a convenient trip to make if you need a last-minute getaway.

11. Blue Hole Regional Park

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio -Blue Hole Regional Park

Blue Hole Park is just an hour’s drive away from San Antonio.

And although it’s not a beach, it is a beautiful oasis of lush trees and swimming spots that’s perfect for an adventure-filled summer escape.

So swimming, kayaking, hiking, fishing, picnicking, camping – these are just some of the memorable activities you can enjoy at Blue Hole Regional Park no matter whether or not you’re bringing kids.

But if you are bringing kids, Blue Hole Park has the rope swings, pools, volleyball courts, and basketball courts to keep them entertained.

It’s family-friendly and couple-friendly, as a result, and the fact it’s super close to San Antonio should be enough of a reason to put it on your trip list!

12. Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park is one of our favorite beaches, simply because the soft white sand, beach huts, and jetty make it the full package for any kind of beach day trip – no matter the weather.

There are five miles of gorgeous shoreline to soak up at Mustang Island State Park, and you might be glad to know that it’s a hotspot for birdwatching, shell hunting, sunbathing, and strolling.

As a bonus, you also get a choice of watersports to enjoy here, including parasailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and paddling.

And with all those activities to put on your itinerary, it’s well worth staying a few nights.

The good news is that you can camp right on the beachfront (for that sleeping-under-the-stars experience) or head to one of the campsites located opposite the shore.

13. Matagorda Bay

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio - Matagorda Bay

As an estuary (where the Colorado River opens up to the ocean), Matagorda Bay offers over 1000 acres of beach and wetland to enjoy in equal measure.

There’s simply so much to explore here, from sandy shores and trails to beautiful open bays and tucked-away lakes.

So we recommend heading for a few days at least. But even if you can’t, it’s still a great destination to visit near San Antonio with more than a few ways to fill up a day’s itinerary.

If a beach escape is all you’re after, Matagorda Bay Beach offers a beautiful flat stretch of sun-kissed sand and relatively calm waters for swimming, paddling, and sunbathing.

But if you have the time, we definitely recommend checking out everything else this diverse location has to offer, including Oyster Lake, Keller Bay, Magnolia Beach, Alamo Beach, and Lavaca Bay.

14. Jamaica Beach

Galveston Island is home to over 30 miles of sandy beach, but one that’s worth mentioning is Jamaica Beach, which you’ll find right next to Galveston State Island Park.

What makes it so special? Well, it boasts a wide sandy beach, for one, quaint local cafes opposite the shore, and a laid-back atmosphere that seems to stay quiet year-round.

In addition, it also has a local pool resort (Jamaica Beach RV Resort) if you ever want to switch up the pace after a few hours on the beach.

That’s without mentioning Galveston State Island Park that’s situated right next to Jamaica Beach, where you can enjoy picturesque walking trails, nature, local birdlife, and more.

15. Surfside Beach

Perhaps the best thing about Surfside Beach is the fact that it’s a top spot for surfing – even if you’re a beginner or first-time surfer!

But that’s not all Surfside has to offer, as it’s also the perfect beach for paddle boarding, sunbathing, picnicking, strolling, and fishing.

So there’s a lot to do at this beach. And since it’s reachable within a few hours’ drive from San Antonio, it’s ideal if you’ve explored everything San Antonio (see also: 13 Best Breweries in San Antonio)has to offer and want to check out somewhere new.

On top of that, Surfside Beach boasts a number of local restaurants, cafes, and food markets to visit opposite the beachfront.

So if you’re a foodie, these are yet more reasons to head to Surfside!

16. Rockport Beach

Best Beaches In And Around San Antonio - Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is located southeast of San Antonio and just a few hours away by car.

And it’s a unique beach spot, one that really stands out due to its sun-kissed golden sand that’s lined with beach huts. Look hard enough and you’ll even spot dolphins from the shore!

So Rockport Beach is about as tropical as it gets near San Antonio, because alongside powder-like sand and lots of wildlife (local birdlife, plus crabs), the pristine, crystal-clear ocean waters set the scene for swimming, snorkeling, and cooling off under the sun.

What’s more, Rockport Beach is also well-known for its monthly market—Rockport Fulton Market Days—which takes over the park opposite the beachfront with local artisan stalls, food vendors, and other stalls selling a variety of must-have bargains.

So if you love markets just as much as relaxing on the beach, we definitely recommend Rockport Beach as your next stop. Just make sure to head there on the third weekend of the month!

17. Overlook Park

Last but not least—and the perfect destination to wrap up our list, in fact—is Overlook Park in Canyon Lake.

And as its name suggests, it’s a spot that offers breathtaking views that overlook Canyon Lake from the eastern corner.

This includes Guadalupe River, North Park, Jacob’s Creek, and Canyon Lake itself.

So if a good view is the main thing you look for when going on vacation, Overlook Park is one place that needs serious consideration.

The big advantage here is that you only need to head down to the shore to get your dose of sand and sunshine.

The clear water at Overlook Park Beach is perfect for paddling and cooling off, which you can do before enjoying a laid-back picnic with views right across the lake.

If all of that is not enough, Overlook Park is also a popular location for its local wildlife, birdwatching spots, and hiking trails. So nature lovers will feel right at home here.

The best thing? Overlook Park Canyon Lake is free and open to the public year-round!