15 Best Romantic Restaurants To Visit In Houston, Texas

Heading out for a romantic date night and a romantic meal can be one of life’s simplest pleasures.

However, because there are countless restaurants across the world and countless within certain cities alone, it can be difficult to tell which ones are most worth paying a visit to.

15 Best Romantic Restaurants To Visit In Houston, Texas

Do you live in the Houston, Texas area? Maybe you’re just visiting the area with the one you love?

Either way, we’re willing to bet that you are reading this now because you want to know some of the very best romantic restaurants in the area, right? Then you have come to the perfect place!

Read on down below, because we have combed through all of the most popular restaurants in the Houston area, to find the ones that have the best romantic atmosphere that will help you and your loved one to feel in the right mood!

1. Brennan’s Of Houston

Brennan’s has earned itself an incredibly strong reputation in the Houston area, thanks to how committed its staff is to providing the ultimate dining experience.

Every detail is considered in this restaurant, to ensure that you get the best possible experience every time.

The range of dishes at the restaurant is incredibly expansive, allowing you both to be a little adventurous and try a new food entirely, or go for some classic favorites, like the amazing shrimp and grits, one of our favorite dishes on the menu.

Not only is this restaurant highly regarded in the Houston area, but is also highly regarded across the country!

Make sure to plan your visit ahead of time, as the restaurant can often be very popular and busy, and it also has a smart casual dress code, allowing you both to dress up nicely for the night!

Location: 3300 Smith Street, Houston, Texas, 77006

2. Savoir

This restaurant manages to strike a perfect balance between fanciness and rustic homemade charm!

The menu at this restaurant is entirely chef-driven, with each of the recipes being a specialty of one of the many skilled chefs in the kitchen team.

The food is presented with style and looks just as good as it tastes.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just an experience dedicated only to the presentation of food, as the portion sizes are still very plentiful, and will have you both feeling deeply satisfied!

The interior of the restaurant is designed to be incredibly rustic, thanks to its exposed brickwork, and various industrial flairs across its design.

This is a perfect restaurant to head to if you want a fancy experience that is still down-to-earth, and that will still provide you with food that will deeply satisfy your taste buds and your stomach!

Location: 1344 Yale Suite, Houston, TX 77008

3. Backstreet Cafe

Want to enjoy a romantic meal while also enjoying Houston’s sunshine? Then you should look no further than Backstreet Cafe!

Backstreet Cafe is well known for its outdoor eating area, situated on a large balcony perfectly situated beneath the shining sun.

The balcony is also surrounded by plant life and rustic charm, making it extra pleasant to sit in.

The food not only features some incredible Southern flavors but also specializes in blending those Southern flavors with Cajun, and even Asian influences!

If you want a relaxing but vibrant eating experience that is incredibly romantic, then look no further!

Location: 1103 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX, 77019

4. Uchi

One of the best things about Uchi is that there are actually multiple locations across the State, so you can easily enjoy the Uchi experience without having to travel too far.

There are multiple locations thanks to how incredibly popular the restaurants are, and they have earned this popularity thanks to their reputation for producing incredible food that is steeped in tradition.

Uchi specializes in modern Japanese cuisine, and it is so amazingly tasty to enjoy, thanks to how masterfully it’s been put together.

You may need to book to visit one of Uchi’s locations yourself, as it can be incredibly popular as a result of its reputation, but trust us when we say that it is worth the wait!

Location: 904, Westheimer Road, Suite A, Houston, TX

5. Etoile

Is there anything more romantic than French food? France is a country renowned for its culinary culture, and for playing host to some of the best food and the best chefs in the world.

Luckily, you and your love don’t need to jet off to Paris to be able to enjoy some of this French splendor together.

Simply pay a visit to Etoile, and enjoy the amazingly-designed interior, complete with glorious chandeliers that will help you to feel like a total VIP!

And that’s to say nothing at all about the amazing cuisine served at this restaurant that will introduce you both to flavors you never imagined possible!

We strongly recommend the escargot, they are incredibly tender and so garlicky. They’re also a staple food of French cuisine, so well worth trying out!

Location: 1101-11, Uptown Boulevard, Houston, TX 77056

6. Mastro’s Steakhouse

This isn’t just any steakhouse, as the interior of the restaurant is easily one of the very best we have ever seen.

It is so immaculately laid out, and it provides for easily one of the fanciest dining experiences we have ever had!

Whether sitting inside or in the outdoor area, which comes complete with a relaxing-sounding waterfall, you are sure to have a romantic experience that both of you will easily remember for many more years to come!

And how could we possibly put the glory of Mastro’s steaks into mere words?

They are so amazingly cooked, and each and every steak is locally sourced, to give you the best flavor and texture that will have your mouth watering even just looking at it.

Main Location: 9595, Six Pines Drive, Suite 100, The Woodlands, TX 77380

7. Sorrento Ristorante

Italian food often, unfortunately, goes overlooked when it comes to romantic cuisine, which is a total shame because it often means that the glorious Sorrento Ristorante goes totally overlooked.

This is easily one of the best Italian restaurants in the entire Houston area, and also one of the very best places to bring your love for a romantic meal.

Best of all, this restaurant often features live piano playing, which creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic meal that will go down as one of your shared favorites.

There’s so much to choose from across the menu too, which means your stomachs will soon be rumbling upon seeing the potential!

We strongly recommend trying out the filet mignon, which is incredibly tender and rich in flavor.

Location: 415, Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

8. BCN Taste & Tradition

BCN Taste & Tradition specializes in food that is steeped in Spanish tradition, making it a wonderful spot to head to if you and your love want food that will delight your taste buds with both savory and spicy flavors that you won’t soon forget.

This is also a great restaurant to head to together as it is strongly recommended to order multiple smaller dishes from the menu that you can then share with one another.

This creates a truly shared experience that you will both remember in the same way, creating stronger romantic memories of your relationship!

Location: 420 Roseland Street, Houston, TX 77006

9. Nobu

If you both can’t get enough of Japanese cuisine, then you would both get a total kick out of a visit to Nobu, one of the very best Japanese restaurants in the Houston area.

Not only is the food here totally incredible, and made with total reverence for tradition and history, but the surroundings of the restaurant are also totally serene.

The main dining hall is very open and breathable and is bathed with daylight.

The hanging lights above have a unique Japanese shape to them that helps to make the food taste even more authentic.

This is a great restaurant to head to together, as the traditionally-made food is sure to delight both of you, creating a night that you could not possibly forget.

Location: 5115 Westheimer Road Suite C-3515, Houston, TX 77056

10. MAD

With a name like this, you can bet that MAD is a restaurant that is full of interesting culinary ideas.

Luckily, we can say with full confidence that MAD’s dedication to culinary experimentation pays off incredibly well!

The menu on offer at MAD is incredibly eclectic and displays a love for food, and a total excitement for what food can potentially be.

The atmosphere of the restaurant also adhered to this crazy and experimental nature, with awesome decor that is amazing to look at.

Create a date to remember by heading to this amazing restaurant together!

Location: 4444, Westheimer Road, Suite C180, Houston TX 77027

11. JOEY Uptown

This restaurant is renowned for its cozy atmosphere that makes for the perfect dining experience.

While it may not have the over-the-top pizzazz of restaurants like MAD, it does have a very subtle interior design that will make you and your love want to cozy up close and enjoy your food together.

The menu here is carefully curated to easily please your tastebuds and leave you immensely satisfied.

And there is so much to choose from. You could both easily find yourselves sucked into the menu, wondering just what to opt for.

We recommend trying out the lobster ravioli, which features a very subtle, but still complex and rich flavor!

Location: 5045, Westheimer Road Suite, X-01, Houston TX 77056

12. Indianola

Indianola is one of three small venues that are all situated within the same Agricole Hospitality location.

Indianola has easily one of the best menus around, made up largely of modern Texas cuisine that honors some of the culinary traditions of the city, while also being incredibly modern and unique.

One of the best things about Indianola is that after you have both chowed down on fresh and tasty oysters, venison, and pork ribs, you can easily head over to the nearby cocktail bar located in the same building to while the night away!

The interior of Indianola easily makes the food taste that much better, making it a restaurant you should definitely make a point of visiting together.

Location: 1201 Saint Emanuel, Houston TX 77003

13. Bludorn

Bludorn opened in the Houston area in 2020, and since then has quickly become one of the most beloved spots in the entire city.

There is so much incredible food to choose from across its extensive menu, made up of food that manages to blur the line between the traditional and the experimental.

The interior of the restaurant features some lovely moody lightning, which helps to get you both in a romantic mood, and helps you to both focus your attention on the delightful food in front of you.

Beware, some of the dishes here are so good that you may even be tempted to go back for extras, just to satisfy your appetite.

This restaurant is truly a foodie’s paradise and a great place to head together, especially if you both have a penchant for incredible cuisine!

Location: 807 Taft Street, Houston, TX 77019

14. Ostia

No matter what time you head to Ostia, the atmosphere is totally king.

Visiting the restaurant is a delight while the sun is shining, as the ambient greenhouse room allows plenty of natural light to flood in, while the plants that dot the area help to fill it with a pleasant fragrance.

During the night, the mood lights come on, putting you and your love in a relaxed mood, ready to enjoy the food that dots its extensive menu of delicacies.

The roast chicken on offer at Ostia is to die for and will have your mouth watering with every bite. In fact, it’s so good that we are willing to bet that even reminiscing about it will have you salivating!

Location: 2032 Dunlavy, Houston, TX 77006

15. Bar Boheme

Boheme first got its start as a wine bar famous for having an eclectic selection to choose from.

You and your love can settle down and relax, enjoying the sensations of the wine, and then choose from some of the amazing food that is on offer at the restaurant.

One of the best dishes to share is the Bangkok-styled fries, which are incredibly savory, and totally easy to share between the two of you, creating an atmosphere oozing with romance.

We were really pleased with the selection of wines on offer at this restaurant! It’s a very varied menu!

Location: 307 Fairview Street, Houston TX 77006

To Wrap Up

Those are just a few of the many romantic restaurants that you can both pop into across Houston, but they are easily the 15 best.

A visit to any of these amazing restaurants (see also: 12 Amazing Waterfront Restaurants To Visit In St Pete And The Surrounding Area)is sure to amaze, and is sure to be a pleasant memory that the two of you can share for many more years to come!

Why not try booking a visit to one of these restaurants now? You’ll be glad you did!