12 Amazing Waterfront Restaurants To Visit In St Pete And The Surrounding Area

Planning a trip to the Tampa Bay area in Florida? If you are, then you’re definitely going to need to stop by the St Petersburg area – a charming town full of parks on the water, art centers, and lovely waterfront restaurants.

12 Amazing Waterfront Restaurants to Visit in St Pete and the Surrounding Area

While the parks and art centers are great, the restaurants are what we’re passionate about. You won’t be disappointed by these, either!

With fun names like the Drunken Clam or Crabby Bill’s, you can’t help but already feel a little in love with these places.

If you’re going to be spending some time in St Petersburg and the surrounding area in Florida, then consider these as your must-see restaurants.

Let’s take a look at these hidden gems.

1. Sea Turtle Restaurant – St Pete Beach

The Sea Turtle Restaurant is the perfect spot to visit if you’re looking for something casual and fun. You can get the perfect beachside meal, and it’s just a 15-minute journey from downtown St. Petersburg.

This restaurant is situated right in front of the Drunken Clam (see below), and directly across the St Pete Beach. In other words, you can visit both restaurant locations and see what they have to offer!

We warn you, though – with the Sea Turtle’s large all-day menu that includes fish, pasta, burgers, and so much more, you might just be perfectly happy there!

What you can do near this restaurant: there are plenty of bars and boutiques in the area that are worth a visit(see also: The Best Wynwood Bars To Visit At Least Once).

If you prefer something different, why not check out the beach? It’s just across the street! Alternatively, you can visit the best beach around just a few miles south of the restaurant.

Important Information For This Restaurant

Sea Turtle Restaurant
4599 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL, 33706
Phone: 727-367-1727

2. The Drunken Clam – St Pete Beach

What’s that? Did you just step out of a Family Guy episode?

The Drunken Clam is a real restaurant and bar that you can find on St Pete Beach, just 15 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg!

Sure, it isn’t right on the waterfront like some of the other restaurants listed here, but it does offer something special.

You can enjoy your time at this location with great beer and wings, and feel like you’re part of the Family Guy universe – doesn’t that sound fun?

What you can do near this restaurant: visit the St Pete Beach Country Park! It’s located just across the street.

Important Information For This Restaurant

The Drunken Clam
46 46th Ave, St Pete Beach, FL 33706
Phone: 727-360-1800

3. Teak/Pier Teaki – St Petersburg

Teak/Pier Teaki can be found at the end of the St Pete Pier, (see also: The 16 Best Things You Can Do When Visiting St. Pete Pier)so you already know you’re going to have great views. Better yet, it’s located on the 4th floor!

You can come here for the ultimate waterfront experience, enjoy amazing food, and even better drinks. With flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and so many more options, you will have plenty to choose from.

Even if you don’t feel like a whole meal, there are lots of tantalizing bar bites to enjoy along with your drink.

What you can do near this restaurant: you can spend the afternoon fishing at the end of the pier if you like! Alternatively, why not check out the Tampa Bay Discovery Center near the end of the pier?

Important Information For This Restaurant

Pier Teaki
800 2nd Ave NE 5th Floor, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: 727-513-8325

4. Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill – Clearwater Beach

This is another favorite location in the area, and one that you will immediately fall in love with. It had great views of the beach, since it’s right on top of it, too, and right across from Palm Pavilion.

Here, you can get some great seafood, from oysters to grouper sandwiches – there is plenty to choose from and enjoy.

The live music makes everything even better, too. This is a spot to spend hours, and stay until you can watch the sunset over the gulf. It’s a slice of heaven on earth.

What you can do near this restaurant: wander around the downtown area or take a walk on the nearby beach!

Important Information For This Restaurant

Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill
7 Rockaway Street, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Phone: 727-446-4844
Hours Sunday-Thursday 11 am-11 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am-midnight

5. Caddy’s – Treasure Island/St. Pete Beach

With several locations across the country, Caddy’s is a well-loved and famous spot to stop by. Since Treasure Island is their flagship location, it’s one that you should definitely check out if possible.

Here, you can enjoy relaxing beach dining, live music, and of course, incredible food. It’s a place families go to make memories, so you’re in for a good time!

If you find yourself visiting on the weekend, you might be lucky enough to enjoy bottomless sangrias and mimosas. Lots of places offer this!

What you can do near this restaurant: if you’re at the Treasure Island location, you can enjoy the restaurant’s private spot on Sunset Beach! The St. Petersburg Municipal Beach is just a short distance north, too.

Important Information For This Restaurant

5501 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706
Phone: 727 223-6166

Treasure Island Location
9000 W Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706
Phone: 727-360-4993

6. The Hut – Madeira Beach

Just 20 minutes west of St. Petersburg, you can find Madeira Beach, and The Hut! This is a well-known and well-loved waterfront restaurant that offers some incredible food in the area.

Found in John’s Pass (see also: The Ten Best Restaurants On The John’s Pass Boardwalk)Village, you can eat on the dock or inside the restaurant itself, should you choose to stop by.

There are plenty of surf drinks, beers, buckets, wines, and so much more to pick from, so you will have plenty of choice when you get there.

Because of its popularity, don’t be surprised if you need to wait 45 minutes or more for a table, though. At least there’s plenty to do nearby while you wait!

What you can do near this restaurant: there are hundreds of little restaurants, bars, and shops to explore while in John’s Pass.

If you want something different, you should check out the fishing spots or rent a jet ski. There are also dolphin cruises to see, and a Calypso Breeze Tropical Party Cruise, too!

Important Information For This Restaurant

The Hut Bar and Grill
190 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach, FL 33708
Phone: 727-258-4820

7. Doc Ford’s – St Petersburg

As one of the best restaurants in the area, you can find Doc Ford’s at the base of the pier. You can appreciate the stunning views of the area while also enjoying some delicious food and drinks.

They have an outdoor patio to lounge in, or the inside area, so it’s perfect anytime. You can sit and watch the ocean while enjoying shrimp, oysters, fish sandwiches, salmon, and so much more. If you like seafood, this will be your top spot to check out.

The live music just makes it so much better, too.

What you can do near this restaurant: it only makes sense to wander around the St Pete Pier while you’re here.

You can also enjoy other bars and restaurants, as well as the various entertainment venues. Be sure to check out the downtown area, and waterfront parks, too!

Important Information For This Restaurant

Doc Fords
610 2nd Ave NE. St. Petersburg FL, 33701
Phone: 727-857-8118

8. Stillwaters Tavern – St Petersburg

Located downtown in St. Petersburg, Stillwaters Tavern is a delightful upscale, casual spot to stop by for great food and a wonderful atmosphere. There are a range of wines, craft beers, and cocktails to choose from!

They make lots of sausages on site, and have a range of dishes that include ribs, steaks, sandwiches, shrimp, salads, and mouthwatering starters.

What you can do near this restaurant: check out all the shops in the area or explore the St. Petersburg Museum of History a few minutes from the restaurant.

Important Information For This Restaurant

Stillwaters Tavern
224 Beach Drive, NE, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701
Phone: 727-350-1019

9. Crabby Bill’s – Indian Rocks Beach & St. Pete Beach

With two great locations, Crabby Bill’s is another must-visit location. It had great food, views, and service. You can get some of the best seafood you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, too!

This restaurant even has a rooftop tiki bar to enjoy some drinks. It will be one of the few places that you will never want to leave.

From grouper to coconut shrimp, crab’s legs, and oysters, you will want for nothing at this place. If you don’t feel like seafood on the day, then they’ve got you covered, too!

There are also delicious sandwiches and burgers you can try out, too.

What you can do near this restaurant: check out the boat tour at Captain Mike’s Watersports & St. Pete Parasails if you’re feeling adventurous!

Important Information For This Restaurant

Crabby Bill’s
401 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, 33785
Phone: 727-595-4825

St. Pete Beach Location
5100 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
Phone: 727-360-8858

10. Woody’s – St. Pete Beach

Woody’s is a lovely waterfront café that overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and Blind Pass. It’s located just 30 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg, and has a lot to offer.

From salads and seafood to wings and happy hours, you will instantly fall in love with his location. Be sure to make the most of their drinks’ menu!

What you can do near this restaurant: you need to check out The Toasted Monkey – a nearby beach bar for some great live music, food, and drinks when you’re done! Visit the nearby beach and sand dunes, too.

Important Information For This Restaurant

Woody’s Waterfront
7308 Sunset Way, St Pete Beach, FL 33706
Phone: 727-360-9165

11. Palm Pavilion – Clearwater Beach

The Palm Pavilion is another wonderful and laid back spot you can check out if you want to get away from the busy bustle of life.

Located on Clearwater Beach, this restaurant boasts of great views, atmosphere, and food.

You can find this restaurant right on the beach, just a 50-minute drive from downtown St Petersburg.

Once you take a seat, you can enjoy plenty of delightful seafood options, as well as steak, ribs, burgers, tacos, and delicious bowls.

Don’t forget the drinks, though! This spot was named the Best Beach Bar in 2021. It would be a crime not to try one of their specialty drinks, like the Palm Run Runner. If you prefer wine and beer, there are lots of great options for those, too.

What you can do near this restaurant: while you’re in the area, you might as well check out Pier 60 and the beautiful Clearwater Beach! You can have a fun-filled and relaxed day in the sun.

Important Information For This Restaurant

Palm Pavilion
10 Bay Esplanade, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Phone: 727-446-2642

12. Bamboo Beach Bar – Madeira Beach

The Bamboo Beach Bar is a wonderful, laid back bar and grill located in John’s Pass Village. It’s a fun place to go for a few drinks, and is actually one of the oldest bars in the area!

If you’re feeling hungry, you can expect to enjoy Philly cheesesteaks, eggplant fries, your favorite burgers, and of course fish tacos!

You won’t be bored, either. This wonderful bar has live entertainment, drink specials, and also frozen tiki drinks. It will be your little slice of heaven for the afternoon.

What you can do near this restaurant: if you aren’t in a rush, you can browse the stores at the north end of John’s Pass.

Feeling more adventurous? Wander down to the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center or visit Treasure Island just south of John’s Pass. You can find a number of access points to the beach with beautiful scenery.

Important Information For This Restaurant

Bamboo Beach Bar
13025 Village Boulevard, Madeira Beach, FL, 33708
Phone: 727-398-5401

Final Thoughts

There you go! These restaurants really are something special, and are absolutely worth the trip if you’re in the area. You can expect to get not only amazing food and service, but also enjoy the great views and atmosphere.

While most of these restaurants aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, they offer everything you could possibly want.

So, if you ever find yourself in the Tampa Bay area, take the time to enjoy a meal at any of these places as possible. You’re going to love every moment of it.