The Best Wynwood Bars To Visit At Least Once

Heading to Miami? Wynwood is one of the most vibrant and hustling districts in the Miami area!

If you’re currently planning a visit there and want to live it up during your trip – then we’re sure that you’ll be interested in learning more about all the best bars that can be found there.

The Best Wynwood Bars To Visit At Least Once

Even though it might not be the most popular district in Miami, it’s certainly becoming one of the best places for entertainment, music and a bustling nightlife.

So, if you’re heading to Miami and you want to enjoy some places to enjoy some drinks or soak up a bustling atmosphere – you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re interested in visiting one of the iconic speakeasies located in Wynwood or you’re interested in spending the evening enjoying the unique atmosphere of a dive bar – you’ve got it all at Wynwood. Below, you will find a review of some of the top bars at Wynwood.

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1. Freehold

First up on our list we have Freehold! Whether you happen to be familiar with the Wynwood area or not, we’re sure that you might have very well heard of this stylish bar already!

This super versatile space is a cafe in the day and doubles up as a vibrant bar during the night. So, if you’re headed to Wynwood on a work trip, you’ll be able to work from Freehold during business hours and relax and unwind after 5pm hits!

If you’re interested in paying a visit to Freehold during your visit to Wynwood – you should make sure that you try their incredible pizza menu and cocktails that come freshly prepared.

From happy hour onwards, you will also be able to enjoy a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere thanks to their live DJ that plays throughout the week.

Not only that, but Freehold also comes complete with live comedy acts and other entertainment throughout the week, so make sure that you check to see what’s on during your time in Wynwood!

2. Dante’s HiFi

Another place that you should consider paying a visit to during your stay in Wynwood is Dante’s HiFi! This truly is the place to be if you’re looking for a unique bar that will allow for a truly unforgettable experience like no other.

If you’ve never been to Dante’s, then you truly are in for a treat! This bar is a speakeasy and offers a relaxing and intimate atmosphere that’s ideal for sharing with a group of friends or even paying a solo visit by yourself!

One of the most striking parts about Dante’s is the interior decorations. It features a huge wall of vinyl records that includes the DJ’s very own personal collection of vinyls, as well as vinyls donated by regulars to Dante’s HiFi!

It features incredible music (even some live entertainment at certain points throughout the night) as well as a not to be missed menu featuring plenty of cocktails and other drinks freshly prepared in the bar.

3. Gramps

One of the most popular dive bars in the Wynwood area – if you’re in the mood to spend some time in a bar that has a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere – then there’s no need to look further than Gramps!

If you’ve had the pleasure of already visiting Gramps, then we’re sure that you’ll remember the iconic sign featured out the front.

In big writing, Gramps features a huge sign that reads the following, “air conditioning, beer and cocktails!” Does it get any better than that?

Gramps has become extremely popular over the years thanks to its live music acts, DJs and various comedy shows that take place all throughout the week.

So much so that over the years, Gramps has hosted some of the most well-known comedians out there, including Eric Andre and even Hannibal Buress!

Oh, and did we mention that Gramps is also known for having the best Moscow mule cocktails in the whole of Miami? If you’re a fan of this fiery cocktail, then you don’t need to look any further than Gramps while spending some time in the Wynwood area.

4. The Sylvester

On the search for a cocktail bar that offers a luxurious experience at a more affordable price point? If you answered yes to that question, then we think that The Sylvester should certainly be on your radar of bars to visit while in Miami.

The relaxing cocktail bar has a super cozy, “home away from home” feel to it – which makes it an ideal spot to snuggle up for a few hours and enjoy some delicious cocktails made fresh for you at the bar.

It features a variety of different craft cocktails ranging from classic favorites all the way to more innovative creations crafted exclusively by The Sylvester!

As for the interior? Like we have already said, the Sylvester is known for its cozy and quaint atmosphere, so it should come as no surprise to hear that this little cocktail lounge features a vintage interior design that will make you instantly feel as though you are at home.

Offering a more calming ambience than some of the other bars that we have already recommended to you to visit on this list, the Sylvester doesn’t typically have any live acts performing throughout the week.

Instead, the Sylvester does feature a variety of board games featured on every table that you can use to play in your group or even to make new friends.

What better way to relax after a long day of exploring Wynwood than in one of the comfy armchairs in The Sylvester?

If you’re looking for a bar that is going to be relaxing and inviting without being loud – then we think that the Sylvester is certainly worth visiting at least once while you are in the Wynwood area of Miami!

5. Racket

Racket is more like a bar that you would find in the South Beach area of Miami than small and quaint Wynwood! It offers a super vibrant and spacious atmosphere that we’re sure anyone who loves big open spaces and a booming nightlife will appreciate.

If you decide to go ahead and pay a visit to Racket during your time in the Wynwood area, you’ll be able to enjoy some great drinks with friends, awesome music and, who knows, perhaps even make some new friends in the process, too!

Like we have already briefly touched upon above, Racket is known for its awesome nightlife scene.

It’s absolutely huge and is situated in an industrial unit – so there’s plenty of different areas of Racket to explore, and you could easily find yourself spending an entire evening there.

Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy some delicious food at dinner, order some crafted cocktails or even play some games and enjoy live entertainment – Racket truly does cover all bases.

Keep in mind that, after the clock strikes midnight each night, Racket transforms into an eclectic and jam-packed nightclub that you can dance the night away in.

You can even reserve a table and get bottle service all night long if you want to make the experience even more special while you are in Racket.

6. Oasis

Not really a party person? No problem! If vibrant bars and booming nightclubs aren’t really your thing, then we think that Oasis might be the perfect bar for you.

Unlike some of the other bars that we have recommended to you on this list, Oasis sets itself apart from the rest thanks to its laidback “surfers” atmosphere that we’re sure anyone will love.

It’s pretty large and has plenty of things on offer including live entertainment, great music and a huge selection of drinks and cocktails.

Given the fact that Oasis is known for its surfer scene, we’re sure that it will come as no surprise to hear that Oasis is mainly known for its outdoors area, but there’s also an indoor seating area that you can enjoy during the colder months, too.

If you’re interested in visiting Oasis while you are in the Wynwood area of Miami, then we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the Oasis Tower, which is their outdoor bar.

It features a variety of palm trees, minimalistic seating areas and a live DJ that will help to create a calming yet contemporary ambience that you can enjoy while the sun goes down.

Keep in mind, though, that the Tower gets pretty busy during the peak seasons, so if you’re thinking about paying a visit there next time you are in Wynwood – you might want to plan ahead and make a reservation to avoid any disappointment!

Oasis is also in the Midtown area of Wynwood, so it is super easy to get there whether by foot, public transport or even by Uber. Make sure to pay a visit, we think you’ll love it!

7. Grail Sports Bar

Are you a sports fanatic or know someone who is? If you answered yes to that question, then you should definitely consider paying the Grail Sports Bar a visit while you are in the Wynwood area!

As Wynwood’s very own take on the classic American sports bar, Grails definitely comes with its fair share of beer, sports posters and great service.

Despite the fact that Grails is, at its core, a sports bar, Grails often tends to bring in a large group of people including those wanting to catch the game – all the way to those simply wanting to unwind with a few freshly prepared cocktails!

Over the years, Grail has built up a reputation for offering some of the best service in the City, and is known for its friendly staff that help to make everyone feel welcome during their time in Grail.

There’s plenty of bar games and other live entertainment throughout the week (it’s especially bustling on Saturday’s) and offers a super impressive menu that you can order from if you get hungry.

Speaking of food, if you’re on the search for classic pub options like nachos, cheeseburgers and fries – trust us when we say that you’ll love Grail Sports Bar!

Pair with one of their beers available directly from the tap for a classic sports bar experience that’s simply sure to make your Wynwood experience memorable.

8. No.3 Social (Pezco)

On the search for a swanky rooftop bar to spend an hour or two while in the Wynwood area? If you are, then you’ll be making the right choice to visit No.3 Social during your visit to Miami – it’s at the very heart of Wyndwood’s nightlife scene!

Offering stunning views of Miami and an incredible cocktail menu to boot – No.3 Social is a super stylish rooftop bar that just so happens to be Wynwood’s very first rooftop bar!

Not only that, but besides the yummy cocktails and stunning views that will elevate anyone’s social media feed – No.3 Social is also home to an award-winning restaurant. Does it get any better than that?

If you’re in the mood to enjoy a sit down dinner with your friends or someone special, then the No.3’s restaurant (which simply goes by the name of Three) is located just downstairs of this rooftop bar.

So, if you’re in the mood for a meal, all you will have to do is simply catch the elevator down to the restaurant, where you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal of your choice.

As for the rooftop bar, itself? Aside from the views, we think that you might also be pretty pleased to learn that the prices are super affordable – especially given the fact that it’s one of the most stylish bars in the Wynwood area!

No.3 Social offers a range of different happy hours and promotional deals that will allow you to save while you take in the views of Wynwood, including regular happy hours between 4 through to 7.

9. 1-800-Lucky

Last but certainly not least, the final bar that we have to recommend to you is 1-800-Lucky! This is a bar that also features a restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Asian food.

Similar to No.3 Social, 1-800-Lucky has also quickly built up a reputation for itself for being one of the most vibrant and stylish restaurants/bars in not only Wynwood, but the whole City of Miami!

It consists of a 10,000 square foot space that offers a relaxed yet contemporary atmosphere that can be enjoyed both in the day as well as during the night.

Perfect for food and drinks, this restaurant offers a menu full to the brim with Asian dishes ranging from dumplings all the way to spring rolls, and the best part?

1-800-Lucky caters to vegetarians, vegans and more – so there truly is something for everyone at this restaurant.

Plus, along with being a restaurant, 1-800-Lucky also doubles up as a bar! Serving a range of classic and innovative cocktails created by 1-800-Lucky themselves, you’re sure to enjoy an unforgettable cocktail experience like no other if you choose to pay a visit to this bar and restaurant(see also: Best Restaurants To Visit In Ogunquit Maine: The Ultimate Guide!).

In particular, we recommend trying the Tropical Kiss cocktail made fresh in the bar – it’s a frozen cocktail that will feel as though you have just transpired yourself to a tropical paradise!

The Bottom Line

You’ve made it to the end of this guide! Now that you have taken the time to read through all of the bars that we have recommended to you above, we are hoping that you have not got a list of bars that you would like to visit while you are in the Wynwood area of Miami.

Sure, even though it’s certainly one of the quieter areas of the City, Wynwood offers a bustling and eclectic nightlife scene that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a stylish bar to get some cute pictures or you want to relax and unwind in a cocktail lounge – we hope that this list has given you all the inspiration that you need.

The only question left to ask is, which bar are you planning on visiting first? Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide, and we hope that you have a great stay in Wynwood!