The Ten Best Restaurants On The John’s Pass Boardwalk

The John’s Pass Boardwalk is one of the most incredible spots to visit in the Florida state area, thanks not only to its close proximity to the water, allowing for breathtaking views and plenty of fresh air but also for playing host to an incredible number of restaurants.

The Ten Best Restaurants On The John’s Pass Boardwalk

However, though a visit to John’s Pass can be incredibly exciting, thanks to all of the options on offer, it can also be equally daunting to visit, as you may have trouble picking just one eatery out of the many options on offer.

If you are having trouble choosing just one place to head to out of the many options, then you have come to the right place.

Allow us to do the hard work and show you 10 of the very best places to try out across the John’s Pass Boardwalk.

These are easily the very best of the best, so make sure to read on down below to not miss out!

1. Beach Bites And Burgers

Of course, when you pay a visit to John’s Pass, you no doubt want to spend the majority of your time out and about, enjoying the Florida sunshine, and looking out over the coastline.

Thus, one of the best places to head to for good grub in the area is Beach Bites and Burgers, a cafe well known for producing high-quality food that is simple and easy, yet bursting with flavor.

They boast not only some incredible snacks and quick bites that can easily be shared with others, but also some of the very best burgers and sandwiches that can be found across the Boardwalk.

It is a total highlight of any visit to the area, and a name you should keep in mind should you ever find yourself craving some delicious food while across the boardwalk.

The deck seating area just outside of the restaurant is also a great place to perch and quickly catch your breath before continuing on down the boardwalk!

2. The Hut

This is one of the most iconic venues across all of the John’s Pass Boardwalk. This means that it is incredibly popular, and can often be seen bustling with people, both local and from afar.

The unique look of the venue is easily one of its best selling points, as it features a very rustic and handmade look complete with straw umbrellas to protect you from the Florida sun.

This restaurant also sits towards the end of the boardwalk and overlooks the water that spreads out across the horizon.

The sea breeze spreading from the water helps to easily get your taste buds going and helps to make the theming of this restaurant seem even stronger.

Whether sitting indoors or outdoors, The Hut is sure to give you an incredibly vibrant experience.

This is also helped by the incredible food on offer, like the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, which is practically bursting with flavor.

3. The Boardwalk Grill

If the smell of the sea breeze along the boardwalk has you in the mood for some tasty seafood, then you cannot really do any better than The Boardwalk Grill, which is renowned for producing some of the very best seafood across the entire boardwalk.

The lobster rolls are easily one of the best items on the menu, as each and every bite is bursting with incredible flavor that will delight your taste buds to no end.

Best of all, you can also enjoy this food outside along the restaurant’s patio, or simply enjoy it inside the grill’s delightful interior which is very rustic, but full of homemade charm.

In fact, simply stepping into the grill is incredible, as the smell of the food hits you the second you enter!

This restaurant also serves a number of breakfast foods, which can make it a great option for a way to fuel your day.

Not many people know of the delights of breakfast at the John’s Pass Boardwalk, so make sure to try it for yourself!

4. Mad Beach Brewing

Mad Beach Brewing is easily one of our favorite eateries across the entirety of the John’s Pass Boardwalk.

It has become renowned not only for producing some of the most exciting food around but also for creating food that is immensely satisfying, and perfect for sharing amongst family and friends as you look out over the horizon.

Mad Beach Brewing is very popular across the boardwalk, thanks to the host of freshly brewed beers that are incredibly refreshing, and also highly affordable despite their artisanal nature!

We strongly recommend trying the Totchos, a dish of tater tots that are totally smothered in nacho staples like beef chili, beer cheese, and amazing sour cream. They are easy to share, or also totally enjoyable by yourself!

Make sure to give some love to this independently-run brewing company located along the boardwalk. They have a clear passion for everything they do and make!

5. Bamboo Beach Bar And Grill

This is one of the longest-standing venues across the boardwalk, making it a totally wonderful place to pay a visit to if you want an authentic John’s Pass experience.

The food and drinks can easily be enjoyed across the wide and expansive outdoor seating area that allows you to soak in the Florida sunshine while also chilling out with family and friends.

This seating area also often plays host to live music, so you can also enjoy some local talent while also chowing down on some freshly made food, and ice-cold beverages served right from the vibrant bar.

The food is incredibly satisfying, and can easily be shared out, so this is a great place to visit with those you love!

6. Delosa’s Pizza

Pizza is one of the easiest foods to share out amongst family and friends, so it is a no-brainer that it has made it onto this list.

There are only a few places to grab pizza around the John’s Pass area, but Delosa’s Pizza is easily the very best place to turn to.

This particular eatery has actually been in the business for more than 40 years, in which time they have been able to hone their craft to create pizzas that are bursting with personality, and that are also stacked to the brim with delightful ingredients that can delight any palate.

And if you want other Italian staple foods, you can also indulge in amazing lasagnas, meatball subs, and tasty pasta.

There’s so much to choose from when visiting Delosa’s, so make sure to find some time to fit it into your visit to the boardwalk.

You can also easily get your food to go so that you can enjoy the boardwalk in its entirety while snacking on pizza!

7. John’s Pass Grille

The motto behind John’s Pass Grille is “If Vacation Had A Taste”, and we could not possibly think of a more accurate description of this eatery.

Every bite of all of their various menu items is sure to delight you.

The food is so immaculately produced and made with such love and care that it is not hard to see why this restaurant has become so popular amongst local patrons of the boardwalk.

Included on the menu of this restaurant is a range of foods like wings, burgers, and a whole host of unique sandwiches, each of which is stuffed to the brim with unique flavor combinations.

Not only does John’s Pass Grille boast some of the best sandwiches on the boardwalk, but also some of the best sandwiches in all of Florida: it’s that good.

If you’re looking for the perfect eatery in which to celebrate your Florida vacation, then you truly can do no better than John’s Pass Grille.

8. Paradise Cafe

If you find yourself suddenly struck with hunger pangs as you explore the boardwalk, then you will be well met by Paradise Cafe, an eatery that is situated right in the midst of the various shops found along the boardwalk.

And what better place to end up for a bite of amazing food to eat than Paradise Cafe? The slow-roasted pork sandwich is a total delight, and one of the best items on any menu across the boardwalk.

The pork is jam-packed with rich and meaty flavors, and it practically melts away in your mouth with every bite.

The gumbo served in this restaurant has also won numerous awards, making it another popular option for those looking for the best in American flavors while exploring John’s Pass.

9. Friendly Fisherman

There are quite a few seafood joints to be found along John’s Pass, but this is definitely one of the best.

There is a massive selection of unique fish to choose from across the menu, so much so that they may even have some delicacies that you have never tried before!

Experiencing new kinds of seafood is made incredibly easy at Friendly Fisherman, which is dedicated to bringing the glory of seafood to everybody, no matter what.

This restaurant is also unique thanks to its proximity to Hubbard’s Marina, an attraction that allows you to fish for your very own catch.

However, that isn’t it, as you can also request to have your catch cooked up at Friendly Fisherman, to create a meal that is full of the fruits of your labor, making it all the more delicious for everyone.

10. Cajun Cafe On The Bayou

Cajun food is not always easy to come by, so you will want to make sure that you always get the best experience of this unique cuisine. One of the best ways to do this is to pay a visit to Cajun Cafe On The Bayou.

The food here is all totally authentic, so you can be sure that you are getting the true Cajun experience. And what an experience it is!

The taste of the various spices used in the food is simply unparalleled, and there are truly no restaurants around that serve food that tastes quite like it!

And no good Cajun food is truly great without also being accompanied by a good craft ale.

Luckily, Cajun Cafe On The Bay has a wide selection of local craft ales to choose from that can help to make every bite taste even better than before.

To Wrap Up

There are numerous amazing restaurants worth trying (see also: Top 15 Restaurants To Try In Burlington, VT)out across the John’s Pass boardwalk, but truly none stand out like the ten we explored above.

Each of these eateries offers a totally different experience from the last, so why not pay multiple visits to the boardwalk to try each of the restaurants (see also: 15 Awesome Miramar Restaurants To Try!)in your own time? It’s truly worth doing!