The Best Cabins Getaways With Hot Tubs In Ohio

Finding a cabin with a hot tub in Ohio may not seem like the easiest thing to do. Especially since there is actually a pretty extensive list of options, and picking one from this is not an easy task. 

We know it can be tricky, so we have removed all the researching and guesswork out of the equation for you and we have brought together what we think are the absolute best options for anyone who wants a getaway in a cabin with a hot tub in Ohio.

The Best Cabins Getaways With Hot Tubs In Ohio

With all the researching and guesswork taken out of the equation, it should be easier to get on your way to your calming getaway all that sooner. 

We do not always think of Ohio as a vacation location, the cliché destinations are usually California, New York, and Florida, but Ohio is an awesome option.

It can be gorgeous in the winter, giving you super cozy vibes, but glorious in the summer with hot weather and ideal for a summer break. In the fall you will see cliché fall weather, leaves falling and hot cocoa weather at night.

In the spring you can see the blossoming flowers and hear the song of newborn birds. 

Like the sound of it? We do! So, you are ready to get on your Ohio getaway, it’s time to take a look at all the options, you could stay in a remote woodland getaway, a treetop cabin, lakeside, or even in a tiny home made from old shipping containers! 

SO many options, there are plenty of fun locations and jaw-dropping backdrops, so whatever you are looking for in your Ohio hot tub cabin, we have something on this list for you. 

The Best Cabins

We are sure there are some other options out there, but these are the ones we like best. If none of these speak to you, feel free to look around online, Airbnb is always a good place to start. But, first, check out some of these! 

The Oasis Retreat In Amish Country

Want a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Go to this peaceful cabin out in Amish Country, it is the ideal place to relax and window in this area. There is a room which can easily sleep 6 people, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. 

There is a gas fireplace which makes the whole atmosphere even more cozy and is ideal for fall and winter. 

You could picnic out on the water, or enjoy the hot tub whale star gazing. The deck views also make it an ideal location to just let your mind wander and get away from everything for a while. 

It is well equipped with a washer-dryer, air conditioning, parking, a heater, and Wi-Fi. This is a large cabin that offers you everything you could hope for in an awesome getaway. 

Hocking Hills Ohio Romantic Cabin Rental

Maybe you are looking for something a little more romantic. If you want to have a romantic getaway with a hot tub cabin, you will love this option. It is very unique in how it looks, but it also has a super cozy fireplace for you to cuddle up next to. 

It is intended for those couples who want to have a romantic weekend, but it also makes for a good place for a friend’s trip and can accommodate up to 4 people.

It has an outdoor hot tub which will give you glamorous views of the giant oak trees and forest creatures that hang out nearby.

Here you will find a TV, internet connection, air con, and more. One of the biggest bonuses to this cabin is how most visitors note how comfy and clean it is, which probably makes it the best romantic getaway in the Hocking Hills location.

Lakefront Getaway

Perhaps a lakefront view is more your cup of tea, it is elegant and glamorous if you and your partner want to cuddle up by a fireplace. However, it fits well for family or friend getaways too. 

It is found on the very edge of the Grand Lake St Mary’s, in a secluded area where it can accommodate up to 6 people. 

It comes with a glorious sunset, and a hot tub with a sun-kissed deck where you can watch the sunset while enjoying a cooling beverage or watching the sunrise with your morning coffee.

With the sound of waves of the lake lapping against the rocks, you are sure to find peace and serenity here.

Logan Tiny Home Cabin

This is probably the most unique of all the cabins you can rent out, since very few people will have stayed in a tiny house which is made up of shipping containers, and certainly not in the Ohio countryside. 

But, that is exactly what you will get with this cabin. 

Here you will find all the modern amenities you would need, in this cabin that sits on 13 wooded acres. It is outfitted with a fireplace, Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, air conditioning and more. 

The interior is decorated in a style similar to boho with large windows which provide you with plenty of gorgeous views of the nature around. You will also find outdoor seating, a glass grill, a motorized garage, a swing, and an outdoor hot tub suitable for 2 people. 

This is a must-visit place! 

Modern Hocking Hills Cabin Getaway

Vintage and old styled cabins are great, but sometimes you want something modern. This is a great modern cabin and is one of the top options available.

You get the best of everything here, you get to spend time in the quiet surroundings of nature, but you also get to enjoy a contemporary feel. 

There are stainless steel appliances that fit out the kitchen, allowing you to cook and bake whatever your heart desires, but you still enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest. 

There is a large 4-person hot tub here, a record player, and plenty of hiking trails that surround this location. People tend to adore the large floor-to-ceiling window at  the front entrance which allows you gorgeous views outside of the cabin, while you are toasty and warm inside. 

The Hocking Hills Log Cabin

This is a beautiful log cabin that has super easy access to the top local hiking trails. It is also at the center of the Silverado cabin which makes it one of the best local cabins with a hot tub in Ohio. 

There is a fire pit here which you can use near the house to roast up some marshmallows, and what’s best is you can bring your pets too. So, Fido can also enjoy the warmth of the fire pit while you roast up marshmallows on the fire. 

Enjoy the hot tub here on the porch and have a day on the hiking trails to relax your body. 

Many love staying here, especially during the holidays when it is decorated. If you come close to Christmas, you will find a beautifully done up tree welcoming you to your cabin retreat.

Hocking County A Cozy Retreat

If you go to this Ohio retreat, you will be staying on private land spanning 40 acres, and you can explore this land too, where you will find stunning views such as waterfalls and rock bridges, all for you to explore. 

There is only one other cabin on the property, so you can enjoy feeling like you have a truly secluded vacation. Then inside your cabin you will find a fully stocked kitchen for you to craft home cooked meals without any need to run back and forth to the store. 

Then there is the hot tub, which you will find on a private and covered porch, making it a great place to relax during the evening or during the day with no worry of being interrupted. 

At the back of the building you will also find a cute little pond, sit by here and read, or just enjoy the calming sounds and feeling of being in nature. 

This place is also pet friendly and has a natural playground so your dog and kids can come along and be fully taken care of with plenty to do. 

Updated Hocking Hills Cottage

This is a hot tub fitted cabin which is chock-a-block full of amenities. It is a gorgeous cabin that offers guests the option of washing laundry during their stay or being able to use a grill. 

There is a gorgeous forest view, as well as a small creek which goes past the property giving you an ideal tranquility. It is a family-friendly cottage as well which is ideal for families, friends, and couples alike, and has a capacity of 6 people. 

It has a spacious two-leveled living area, with easy access to hiking trails and a large hot tub on the outside porch. It is an ideal choice for a good nature getaway, you can even bring Fido with you. 

People tend to rave about the large TV that comes with the property, while it is a necessary appliance, there is plenty to do outdoors still. But, it is ideal for those who fancy an evening in, cuddled up on the couch in the winter. 

Hocking Hills An Updated Cabin Getaway

This is a very spacious log cabin for the person who wants a woodland getaway. It has 2 rooms, and 2 bathrooms so might even be an ideal location for a double date vacation. It would also be perfect for a friend vacation or a family vacation. 

You could spend time outside in the hot tub, having game night on the couches, or cozy and cuddled up by the fire pit, but this cabin is a beautiful one. There are also many other activities you can do here including mountain biking, swimming, horseback riding and kayaking all nearby.

The interior was recently remodeled, and it is now fitted with a pool table you can use as well. This is the perfect spot for a fun but relaxing vacation.

The Hocking Hills Tree House

The interior of this place may look a little moody, but it is filled with natural light and a very open floor plan. The exterior of this tree house getaway is also so beautiful it makes for a great place to take photos too! 

You will find plenty of windows for you to take photos of the surrounding forest, and will always be able to find a gorgeous view. There is also an indoor sauna and a large king bed here too. 

When you stay here there is also a nearby outdoor pool for swimming and a stocked up kitchen. But, if you prefer more rustic cooking there is also an outdoor grill and a fire pit. 

There is so much privacy here, with a hot tub and screen porches at every level, it is everything you could wish for. 

Rustic Logan Cabin

This is pretty much everything you need for a 2-person vacation. Inside here you will find some very cozy places to cuddle up when the weather is not outdoorsy. But, when it is, there are plenty of restaurants and hiking trails nearby too. 

If you do not fancy restaurants or takeout, there is a full kitchen and grill for you to use. 

Do not forget to end your evening looking up at the stars as you enjoy the fire pit. When you get there, the hot tub on the deck will be ready for use, filled with clean water! 

Logan A-Frame 

This location has many available activities nearby, especially state parks. You can go horseback riding, hiking, ATV riding, zip-lining and fishing! Or you could just enjoy some TV after making some dinner in the kitchenette. 

There are also some stunning views from the hot tub which are with the trip. Let’s not also forget the unique architecture of this place. This unique place is also pet and kid friendly, so is great for families. 

Find caves, waterfalls, and bridges all nearby

Lake Logan Loft 

This place is a home away from home, you will find this place on the water, giving you gorgeous views’ year round. There is so much here that you won’t want to leave. A beautiful deck, private gardens, and if you have a boat you can go fishing. 

There are also two kayaks you can paddle around the lake and a new hot tub. Let’s not forget you can also get pizza delivered here too!

We cannot deny this place is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway! 

The Romantic Getaway Cabin 

Having a getaway to one of the best cabins with a hot tub in Ohio is a brilliant way for you to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary, or even just to peak the romance with your partner. 

This is a gorgeous couple’s woodland retreat in Laurelville and gives you the chance to increase the romance away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is tranquil, and you can enjoy amenities such as a wood burning fireplace and provided cozy robes, it is luxury in the woodlands. 

You can also spend a few hours in the covered hot tub appreciating the forest views, no matter what time of year it is. 

It is a private, secluded and relaxing cabin, and those who have been before sure have nothing but praise for it. 

Finding Your Ohio Cabin Stay

There is no need to be wondering where you should be spending your vacation time, it is obviously here, at one of these glorious cabins. 

Some provide oodles out outdoor experiences, others offer indoor amenities for you to enjoy while cuddled up in the winter. You can find rustic experiences or luxury experiences, but whatever the case, these cabins are the best of the best in our books! 

You may want something kid friendly, something pet friendly, or something just for you and your partner to spark the romance back after a rough year and lots of stress. Whatever you choose these locations are sure to take your breath away, like they did for us!