The Complete Guide To The Best Beaches In Texas (17 Of The Prettiest And Cleanest Beaches)

Are you planning a beach vacation to Texas? Maybe you are looking to visit a new beach or a hidden gem in the Lone Star state?

Or are you curious and want to know more about Texas’ beaches? No matter what your reason might be, we are here with the answers for you!

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - North Beach

Finding a new beach to visit in Texas, or even knowing where the best beaches are, can be tricky. Even if you have lived in Texas all your life, you might have only visited the same few beaches!

Determined to experience more and see more of Texas, you head online to see where the best beaches are.

But you are met with pages and pages of conflicting advice and opinions. Before you know it, you are completely overwhelmed.

Unsure where to turn or who to trust, you wonder if you will ever know what the best beaches in Texas are. Your hopes of a relaxing day on the beach are dashed.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading to see the best beaches in Texas!

We have 17 of the prettiest and cleanest beaches listed below in our complete guide to help you get the answers you need today!

Let’s dive straight in and start our list now!

North Beach

First up is the wonderful North Beach! Located in Corpus Christi, this beach is popular with tourists as a beach vacation due to the lovely area that surrounds it.

You have a beautiful beach where you can take a relaxing stroll and listen to the waves, but there are also a whole host of activities for you to do!

You can visit the aquarium, take a ride on the Ferris wheel, or pop into the restaurant for a delicious lunch or dinner. It is the perfect beach to spend all day or an afternoon soaking in the sun and enjoying the scenery.

And if relaxing at the beach or grabbing dinner by the sea isn’t your thing, why not take advantage of the Corpus Christi Bay Trail?

The paved trail is perfect for a family walk or bike ride. North Beach really does have everything!

Rockport Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Rockport Beach

Next, we have Rockport Beach. It is free to visit by bike or on foot, making it a wonderful destination for your next walk or bike ride!

There is a fee if you park at Rockport beach, so make sure you are all traveling in one car to help spread the cost and make it cheaper. You don’t want to pay three separate parking fees, do you?

The beach can be found in Rockport, a beach town that is one of the prettiest in the state!

The Blue Wave Beach was the first of its kind in Texas and is only a mile long. But don’t panic, they have filled that mile with lots to do!

You can choose from a range of water sports, swimming, and relaxing on one of the cleanest beaches in Texas!

We think it’s one of the best beaches to visit with the whole family. As it’s so clean, you don’t have to worry too much about your children playing in the sand.

The only downside is the beach does not allow dogs, but as the reason is that it is a bird sanctuary, we aren’t mad about it!

Isla Blanca Beach

If you want to visit a beautiful and serene beach, then Isla Blanca Beach is the one for you! Situated on South Padre Island, the beach is one of the most kid-friendly beaches in Texas.

It’s best to visit in the summer, as you can take full advantage of the Beach park and it’s super fun water feature!

To visit the beach, there is a small fee, but we think it’s worth it! We would recommend arriving early if you want to rent chairs or umbrellas.

These tend to be snapped up pretty quickly, so make sure you are there to secure yours!

The beach can get busy, so it’s worth visiting during the week if you want to go when it’s a little quieter.

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Matagorda Bay Nature Park

If you love nature, you are sure to love this beach! Matagorda Bay Nature Park isn’t technically a beach, but rather a nature area near the water.

There is a campground there too, so you can camp right by the water! Take advantage of one of the nineteen campsites on offer and enjoy a little break!

The park spans over 1,300 acres and is packed full of activities. It’s a wonderful place to take younger children!

You can enjoy bird watching, boating, fishing, golfing, kayaking, rafting, picnics, or swimming!

There is even a summer camp, which is perfect for those that live in the area!

San Jose Island

If you want to visit the Texas Gulf, San Jose Island is the perfect place.

Although it is privately owned, there are public spaces on the beach you can visit. Make sure you check you are visiting the correct area when you go!

It’s a wonderful place to see birds, go shell searching, and even fishing!

The island features about 20 miles of sandy beaches, making it a wonderful place for a family walk. You can even go yourself and enjoy a peaceful stroll.

Getting to San Jose isn’t as simple as the other beaches.

You will need to head to Port Aransas where you can catch a ferry to the island. Don’t forget to check the last ferry time to avoid missing it!

Boca Chica Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Boca Chica Beach

When it comes to public beaches, there isn’t a finer choice than Boca Chica Beach in Texas!

The beach is constantly listed as one of the best beaches in Texas. Why? Well, it has free entry and is open 24 hours! It’s the best beach for a light night walk by the sea!

It is also one of the prettiest beaches in Texas! It’s located between the lower Laguna Madre and the Rio Grande delta, giving you lots of hot air and wonderful views.

It also covers over 1,000 acres, making it a huge beach!

Although it is beautiful and expansive, there isn’t a lot there compared to other beaches.

There aren’t many amenities or services which can be daunting for families, but also, it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life!

Make sure you pack a lunch and some water to keep you going throughout the day.

As there aren’t many services here, the beach isn’t too busy. During the fall and winter, it’s super easy to find a quiet spot for yourself to relax and take in the views.

The beach is also wonderful for surfing, but you will need to bring your own board.

Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach is a beach you don’t want to miss out on! It’s next to Alamo Beach and is roughly 1.5 miles long, perfect for a stroll by the sea.

It’s one of the cleanest beaches with fantastic water quality. You won’t spot dirt on this beach!

As it is so beautiful and clean, the beach can get quite busy, especially in the summer months. We recommend going in the week or on an overcast day when it is likely to be quieter.

As it is so popular, there are plenty of amenities for you to take advantage of!

There are showers, restrooms, a car parking lot, spots to park your RV, picnic tables, and grills! It’s the ideal place to spend the day with your family.

Surfside Beach

Near Freeport, we have Surfside Beach, so good, they named the whole town after it!

The town has a population of less than 500, making it the ideal beach in Texas to visit for a relaxing break.

It is often compared to Galveston, but a lot more relaxing and tranquil. So if you like Galveston, you are sure to love Surfside Beach! Not only is it super clean.

But you can drive right onto the beach in your car. There aren’t many places you can do that!

Expect beautiful waves when you visit Surfside. There is also ample space for fishing, boating, swimming, and bird watching.

Plus you can access the Bluewater Highway Trail where you can jog along the water. What a lovely view you will have while you run!

Bryan Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Bryan Beach

Located in Freeport, Bryan Beach is another fantastic option for you. At three miles long, we think this is one of the best beaches in all of Texas.

Why? Well, the beach has fantastic views that are completely natural! There aren’t any man-made objects blocking these breathtaking views.

It’s a wonderful place for sunbathing, fishing, or swimming. Plus, it’s only an hour’s drive from Houston! It’s a perfect day trip or short break where you can escape the city!

From here you can even head over to Quintana Beach or Surfside Beach. Why not fill your boots and visit as many beaches as possible?

There are some fees to visit the beach, but they do change often. Make sure you check with the town’s recreation department for the current price.

Malaquite Beach

In the quiet Padre Island National Seashore is Malaquite Beach.

This is the perfect place for a quiet camping area. It’s not only one of the top sites in the state for beach camping, but it’s an ideal romantic getaway.

It is the world’s longest undeveloped barrier island, it is certainly worth a visit! You do have to pay for car admission, but it’s worth it to soak in these wonderful views!

There are plenty of park benches for you to pause for a moment and relax. You can also make some sandcastles or go for a swim.

It is a spotless place and cars are not allowed onto the sand, so it’s a safe beach for you and your family to visit.

Stewart Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Stewart Beach

Located in Galveston is Stewart Beach. It is one of the finest beaches in the area, and perfect for families and small children to visit.

There is a parking fee to pay and the cost of this varies depending on if you visit during the week or on the weekend.

We consider this to be a safe beach, as lifeguard pavilions are watching the water while you have fun. Should anything go wrong, help is at hand!

There are also pavilions for picnicking, beach volleyball courts, concessions, and lovely restrooms and showers. There is plenty for you and your family to do!

We recommend that you visit in the morning during the week. It is quieter, giving you more of the beach for yourself, and the parking fee is cheaper, saving you some money too!

Crystal Beach

This hidden gem is one you won’t want to miss! Crystal Beach is calm, clean, and usually quiet! No matter the time of year you visit, you are sure to find a quiet and serene beach to enjoy.

Not only is the water fairly warm, but clear too! It’s also not too far from Galveston, making it an easy one to reach.

There are plenty of opportunities to swim, or just spend the day by the water.

There is plenty of space for long walks around the edge of the water too.

We recommend a walk at sunset, the sunsets here are sensational! It does get busy on holiday weekends, so be sure to plan ahead and you can bag the beach to yourself!

Port Aransas Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach is a huge beach in Texas that is worth a visit(see also: The Best Texas Beach Towns To Visit This Summer)! At five miles long, the long stretch of sand is a wonderful place to visit on Mustang Island.

There are lifeguards here too in case of an emergency, allowing you to relax a little and enjoy your day!

You can drive your car right onto the sand here too!

We recommend getting there early if you want to do this, as spaces can fill up quickly! For those looking to extend their stay, we recommend camping next to the water.

You will need a permit to do this and can camp for up to three nights. It’s a wonderful experience that the whole family will love!

Sea Rim State Park Beach

Sea Rim State Park Beach was closed for many years due to hurricane damage, but now it is open and ready to go! It’s inside a state park and is a wonderful place for bird-watching, fishing, swimming, and boating.

The beach is five miles long and entirely natural. The terrain is a little more rugged than other beaches on the list, so be mindful if you are walking with small children.

Sea Rim State Park beach has some fantastic facilities including restrooms, showers, campgrounds, and a picnic area.

Jamaica Beach

Absolutely Incredible Beaches in Austin - Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach is another gem in Galveston County! If you want to visit a calmer beach that is less visited, this is the one for you. It’s also spotless, making it one of the cleanest beaches you can visit.

There aren’t any lifeguards here, so keep an eye on your children at all times!

There are also events here throughout the year, be sure to check the online schedule before planning your trip.

McGee Beach

McGee Beach is located in Corpus Christi and tends to be more popular than North Beach. McGee beach is not only well-maintained but dog-friendly too!

You can enjoy a lovely long walk on some of the most beautiful white sand in Texas, without leaving your dog at home!

It’s right on Corpus Christi Bay and comes with free parking nearby! This is a huge win and ensures a cheap day out for you and the family!

The water is quite calm, making it a good swimming destination for small children. Of course, you will need to assess the safety yourself and keep an eye on your children at all times.

Galveston Island East Beach

Finally, we have Galveston Island East Beach.

We have mentioned Galveston a few times in today’s article because it’s such a wonderful beach spot to visit! If you get here at sunrise or sunset, it is truly sensational!

The views and colors are unparalleled, making it one of the best places to visit (see also: 18 Award-Winning Places You Must Visit In The Northeast, USA)in the US!

There are loads of amenities here too, including a rental place for your beach needs, showers, bathrooms, a pavilion, and a playground!

What people love about this beach is that all beverages are allowed! Why not have a cheeky cocktail on the beach?

Lots of parties and events are held here throughout the year too, it’s worth timing your visit with one of these!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, our complete guide to the best beaches in Texas!

Whether you want a relaxing beach day or a weekend of action-packed fun, we are sure one of the 17 prettiest and cleanest beaches we have mentioned will fit the bill!